June 07, 2009

It is an awful thing when your body lets you down

I've been a little ropey past few days health wise, lots of pain and in new places some of it.
I've had several mishaps in the past where I've dropped things or fallen as you know.
Today it happened again. I was sitting down just about to eat a roast dinner and my back spasmed. I dislodged my tray and dropped food all over the floor:( You have to laugh don't you? Mr Mog offered me half of his but I salvaged enough to eat.

I've been finishing the autumn shawl and started beading it with colours picked out from the shawl. Pictures soon.
I'm nearly finished the night has a thousand eyes shawl and that will then be ready for beading.
I've chosen the yarn for the next shawl, shades of blue from palest to darkest yummy.
The elsewhere jacket is getting there. I've done one sleeve and part way up the second then it will just be the border to finish.


georgina said...

Sorry that you are feeling below par. You don't always have to laugh!
Loved the story of the femmes!

Blue Witch said...

I know that feeling only too well.

Hope you'll soon be in a better phase.

Roobeedoo said...

Oh dear! Pain is bad enough, without losing your dinner too! I do hope it sorts itself out quickly. Looking forward to seeing the finsihed knits!

Suzi Smith said...

hugs n healing thoughts... it couldn't happen when you'd nearly finished dinner could it?!

enjoyed the lesson of the femmes x

Sue Simpson said...

throwing food around again? You got some kind of aversion to food lately hunny? What a bl**dy pain in the asse this is for you! At least it happened at home and not here...will all the cat hairs nothing would have been worth salvaging.
Haven't read the Femmes blog yet....just catching up!
Please take care hun.
Love and bright blessings,
Sue xxx

florencemary said...

Ah, how sweet, Mr Mog! (Igor wouldn't have been so generous). Hope you're feeling better very soon, Amber.

Interested to hear about you beading your shawls AFTER they are knitted; I've only ever beaded with a crochet hook, during the process of knitting. I'm curious!

Rosie said...

Oh, poor you, it sounds horrid. (Mind you, I initially misread things and thought that your dinner had landed on your knitting). I will never forget the time my legs gave way under me and I fell. Nearly everyone ignored me (no doubt they assumed I was drunk, as I was only in my mid-30s!). But then the most gorgeous, handsome young man came to see if I was allright and helped me nback to my feet. My legs nearly gave way again at the sheer deliciousness of him. I don't get so many spasms these days (Alexander Technique helped) but am prone to dropping books at work.

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