June 02, 2009

Of knitting in beautiful places

Last night was our knitting group at the Midland Hotel. A fabulous day that turned into the most gorgeous evening. We sat outside to knit and I thought you would like to see some of the pictures we took. We were there from 6pm to 8pm and silly me forgot you could still get sun burnt at that time of day. I burnt the back of my neck. I'd sat with my back facing the sun so I wasn't dazzled, should have used some suncream I think.
Anyway enough of that, the Midland.Front entrance looking up at the seahorses
I love this picture Mr Mog took of the entry hall looking out to the sea.
The rotunda I think it is called? We sat out here , quite handy for the bar as you can see.
A view of some of the knitters, there were 3 others who came after Mr Mog took these. Those chairs look good but played havoc with my back.Notice we also have a canine knitter;)

View over towards the lake district mountains.

As you can see the sun was shining.

I love the misty look of the skyline.
The tide was in and there were many people in the water.
I knit more of my Elsewhere jacket and when I came to the part where I had to leave the bottom stitches on a cable, I went on to my "night has a thousand eyes shawl". That is nearly finished.

I love the jacket though, here you can see I've now started to pick up and knit one of the front panels.
This yarn Laal Bear dyed for me is gorgeous, so soft and goes an awful long way. I've just started my fourth 100g ball.

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Blue Witch said...

Amazing place - and amazing speed of knitting!

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