June 14, 2009

Elsewhere jacket is finished

My hippy Elsewhere jacket is finished. I love it, I love the colour that Laal Bear dyed for me and I'm going to make another.

You will notice that the picked up borders are wavy, that is because I haven't blocked it yet. I am not very good at picking up stitches and I think I've gone a bit overboard doing so:) However I love the effect and I'm contemplating making one with a ruffly border next. I want to do shades or fire, reds oranges and golds.
Not sure if I'll dye yarn before hand or paint the finished garment. Watch this space.
I have been dyeing some glittery mohair to make a fire shawl. Can you tell that the gloves had a hole in them?


aniexma said...

Love the jacket - the colours are very cheerful!

I have the same problem with picking up stitches - either too many or too few.

Roobeedoo said...

Lovely jacket! My recent picking up stitches escapade suggested picking up 3 for every 4 rows and that seemd to work well.

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