July 01, 2009

Dipping my toe on the dark side:)

I've been dipping my toes on the dark side:)
As you may have seen on my previous post the wonderful Jan made me this top. When she gave it me at Woolfest she said it was up to me how to finish it as it would need a little more length probably.
I pondered a while and sorted out beads wondering what to do then it came to me. Crochet dangly spirals. It seemed sacrilegious to add knit to it after all, the top said crochet so crochet it was .

What do you think?
No fixed length of spiral dangles just what came to me as I crocheted. Then crystal beads added to the bottom of each spiral

I love it

Such rich colours.
Jan is hopefully coming to stay soon and I think I'm going to take the next steps along the crochet path by getting her to teach me a few more stitches.
I'm not giving up the knitting, more broadening my horizons.
The weather has been a tad hot to say the least, too hot for doing much except stay inside. It is too hot for knitting for long spells as my hands stick to the needles.
I have however started a new project. It is another Elsewhere jacket but done in mohair. Specifically random skeins of mohair different colours. I think it will be quite different,so watch this space.
I've been contemplating the turn of the wheel, this time seems more of a lethargic shift. I'm not as fired up with energy and not as intensely pushing to get things done. A different place on the spiral, not better and not worse just something new.
It is a more thoughtful phase, more spiritual and inwards. A taking stock of who I am and what I want to do or learn next.


Linz Knits Now said...

It's beautiful and the spirals are fab - i'm glad you crocheted those cos I was in total agreement with you :D

Antoinette said...

I love that! I just love it! (Sorry to be ott). Oh the little spirals...

And I hear the UK has been experiencing some genuinely hot weather. I certainly how off-putting the heat can be as far as knitting goes.

And I know completely what you mean about the energy at the moment. Now that we here in the Sthn Hem have passed the shortest day, I thought that things would rev up a bit. But if anything I have been less fired up and more introspective. That will probably shift again soon, and I am learning to be more patient with it.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I love it with the beads I think it loks great. Well done for customising it to suit your style.

I also like to alter patterns to make them more personalised.

Crochet is ideal for hot days as there is less to stick to the hands and the projects can be small and light enough not to add warmth to the lap.

Vicky said...

Wow, I love it. You look to be quite far along the crochet path already to me :)

Vicky said...

After sending my previous comment I have read your woolfest post and realised you did the spirals, not the whole thing!! ;)

Spindlers2 said...

That is beautiful, and your finishing touches perfect! Is it an original design, or is there a patern out there?
Lovely to see you even if briefly at Woolfest!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

The pattern is one of Doris Chan's and comes from her book Amazing Crochet Lace which also has the very lovely Blue Curacao shawl in as well.

Blue Witch said...

Fabulous! The spirals really finish it off perfectly. Could you post how you did them, please?

I love this heat. It stops me aching quite so much. And I've got more things finished in the last couple of weeks than I have for months.

Sue said...


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