June 09, 2009

A walk among flowers, picture heavy

This post is very picture heavy and shows some of the many pictures we took this morning. I'll not do much writing but let the pictures speak for themselves.
Notice the rune Gyfu in the sky as we started our meander

If you click on this picture you can get a better view of the damselfly.

This has to be one of my favourite pictures taken by Mr Mog, you can't see what is reflecting where
Not sure what this was? Wonder if it would spin?
I associate cobwebs full of dew with autumn
orchids abound here
Click on this and see the wonderful stripey insect, is it a bee or hover fly?

A secret path, who knows where you will end up?
signs of autumn?

There were many butterflies and moths there
elderflower wine anyone?

We were also lucky and saw 2 hares, alas too speedy for taking pictures.
lots of these little chaps about

See the bee on the notice board?

Another butterfly if you click to enlarge

This was the first time we had visited but it won't be our last. All the time we were there we had the place to ourselves.


Mouse said...

The stuff in the 7th photo down looks like the interior fluff to a milkweed pod.. but I could be wrong.

Sue Simpson said...

SNAP! lol. I wrote mine before I looked on yours....honest!
I don't know whether it's the sun or weather or what but everything seems to be brighter and in more abundance.... MAGIC!

Blue Witch said...

I enjoyed my walk with you, thank you.

Rosie said...

Thank you for that wonderful walk: I'm stuck at home with a nasty virus, and it has been so nice to "get out"!

Antoinette said...

It looks idyllic. Just beautiful.

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