June 20, 2009

Happy Solstice,we have fire

Happy Solstice everyone:) As it is Solstice it seemed appropriate to show my newest shawl which is finally finished.
I dyed the yarn to represent the colours in a fire and also to represent the fire that is Solstice. The time when the world holds it's breath for a second then turns towards the dark half of the year.

As always I haven't blocked it, no space large enough to do so. I estimate it would stretch at least another foot in length and probably 2 foot wide if you wanted it to.

I edged it with a mixture of faceted czech glass beads that reflect all the colours of the rainbow amidst the red and a plain deep red glass bead.

I didn't want anything too large, just something to say this is the edge of the furnace.
I really enjoyed making this one, probably because of planning the colours, dyeing the yarn then making up. Only thing I didn't do was spin it:) The yarn has a golden thread through it which adds to the colour changes. It was given to me by a lovely online friend:)
Before I did the beading this morning I thought of what I wanted from my next shawl. I envisaged woodlands, mysterious woodlands with shadows in the green.
I had some fabulous kid mohair on a cone so using Mr Mog's new improved double swift I wound 4 x 50gm approx skeins.

This is what I ended up with. It will be interesting to see how it knits up.
Hope you have a great solstice celebration be it summer as we have or winter solstice for those further afield.


Haley @ Iridescent Dark said...

*jawdrop* I LOVE the colour of that fire shawl! It's amazing!

Artis-Anne said...

Stunning shawl as always Amber and the dyeing looks to have turned out well also :)

Priestess~Harper said...

And a merry Solstice to you too! We went up to the Merrivale complex, with its double stone rows, circle and standing stone. It was wonderful.

*big hugs*

Sea said...

Hope you've had a wonderful solstice, even thoughthe weather hasn't been up to much here.
Was weondering, roughly how much yarn do you need for a shawl, I have patterns but they are vague as to yarn amounts. Ta. Sea

Antoinette said...

Ambermoggie! It just stunning! Such gorgeous, fiery energy - perfect Solstice shawl. Those colours are among my absolute faves.

Hope you have/had a wonderful Solstice, and wishing you happiness and peace : )

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