June 15, 2009

Undine shawl

edited to add more pictures

The undine shawl is finished and I am so pleased with it. I haven't blocked it because I don't think there is enough floor space to stretch it to its full potential. I think anyone doing so would add at least a foot each way on to it. As it is you can get an idea of the size of it.

I've added tiny seashells, a few bells and rainbow fluorite gemstones to the border. I wanted it to make a sound as you moved to reflect the sound of the sea.

The 2 bits of different pattern are for seaweed:)
You can't really see the border but it is there. The true colour has more turquoise and greens in it.
This shawl for me was all about water and the moon. The colours changing as the sea changes . Firstly when the sun shines or it is stormy but also as the depth changes you see different reflections.
Undine because I could imaging a sea goddess or mermaid making herself a shawl from the seaweed and other flotsam and jetsam she found as she swam through the deeps.
I am selling it for just the cost of the materials, it was an exercise in putting form to my imagination so wasn't made for me.
Was it for you?


Sea said...

What a beautiful shawl. :)

Blue Witch said...


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