June 12, 2009

The beauty continues and fibrefest question

More pictures for your enjoyment from the nature reserve, plus a lovely bouncy kid goat from our trip to Cumbria.
the flowers are looking so lush after the rain, it seems to have perked them up no end.

so many different colours all against this fabulous green backdrop.
We call these fox and hounds , not sure why though?
I love the way the light reflects amongst these trees.
How is that for a meadow?

Mr Mog captured this butterfly perfectly , don't you agree?

Then we have what is known as a thrushes anvil, as you can see a perfect way for the birds to extract snails from their shells.
This little boy is just weeks old and this was our first time visiting him, he is just known as Imp at the moment. Isn't he a sweetie?
We also took this on out way through Greystoke, I love the effect.
I am hoping to visit fibrefest at towards the end of August and it is on at Coldharbour Mill in Devon. Does anyone know of cheap accommodation in the area please? I am unable to camp sadly so that isn't an option


Artis-Anne said...

Great pics I must post mine too from our last trip :)
Very envious of you going to Fibrefest ;guess we'll have to save for the next one LOL

Priestess~Harper said...

You coming to FibreFest? *bounce* I want to go there too, so we might finally meet!! Yehah!

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