June 28, 2009

Woolfest 2009, very long and lots of pictures #1

Woolfest 2009 was incredible. Very very busy and very very hot. We really enjoyed it despite the heat:)
I'm going to let the photos(mainly) tell the story. 2nd post will be stash enhancement and gifts.
We should have known what the weekend was going to be like when we travelled up as it was very misty with a heat haze everywhere.

The colours on the stands were so inspiring and I could have taken most of it home.
There were also plants for dyeing your fibres
finished items to wear and to hang
cones for your knitting machine

5 years since Woolfest came into being. I've now been to 3 of them

Part of Oliver Twists stand
Basket making, you need somewhere to store the stash
more of Oliver Twists colours
and yet more. Can you tell I liked their stand?
You don't just need bright colours to impress.
All busy on the Krafty Koala stand and it wasn't even opening time yet.

You could buy spinning wheels
sock blockers from the Laal Bear alongside her gorgeous yarns. I purchased 4ply for a shawl and received a free pattern, see next post for colours.
Cones and skeins to dye from Bluefaced.com
Natural Dye Studios blankets were beautiful

Just look at that top
More spinning wheels

yet more spinning wheels and other spinning accoutrements

Spindles and nostepinnes, I purchased a shawl pin here, pictures next post.
Helen came down from Scotland with her yummy yarn:)
Jon sent his yarn but was unable to attend himself.

Buttons anyone?
Bet they were glad they had been shorn with the hot weather
lots of animals to see
and lots of their fleece to purchase

These were some of the sheep that people had made for the auction to raise funds for charity.
You didn't just have to knit, crochet or spin you could also weave.
Nancy Bush was here leading classes
as was Donna
There were all sizes of spinning wheels.
This was the kindred knitters stand for bloggers and ravellers to meet up along with anyone else who wanted to just sit and chat. We were also offering help with various knitting techniques, and had various patterns on offer for donations to our fundraising. We managed to raise the grand total of £150 for the three charities we had decided on. These were p/hop MSF, Sheep for Africa and St Johns Hospice. The money was raised in various ways including guess the weight of the teddy, wool winding service. Wye Sue modelling her shadow scarf that has a sheep design knit in to it.
Our stand looked quite bright and welcoming. Have you seen the various items Sue knitted including regulation school kni@kers, a th0ng and some gorgeous shawls?
We had so many people come along and help us that it was just one great big social event.
Roll on next year.


Laal Bear said...

I see you've got used to the new camera :0)))

Arianwen said...

It really was fantastic wasn't it. It was my first but I hope not my last!

Joy said...

Amber, it was lovely to see you again yesterday :-)

I have a lovely photo of Mr Mog but I'm afraid it will be tomorrow by the time I'm able to update my blog!

Great photos :-)

Blue Witch said...

I enjoyed my visit too, it must have taken you ages to post all those pics, thank you! Virtual visits are of course much cheaper... :)

Artis-Anne said...

Thanks for the pics Amber . I didn't see half of these but I didn't miss Olover Twists thankfuly ;)

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Thanks so much for posting these lovely photos. I went on the Saturday so it was far too crowded to photograph things and a lot of the things had already been sold by the time we got there.
As it was my first Woolfest I found it all very overwhelming but I did enjoy it.

Joanne said...

Some fantastic photos of Woolfest; it's like I was there - well, almost! Couldn't make it this year, hopefully I'll make it next year. It looks like it was great.

Joanne said...

Photos are great. It's like I was there; well, almost! Couldn't make it this year, hopefully I will next time. Looks like it was a good shopping day.

stormina_teacup said...

What a fantastic event it was. And so lovely to see you again. Storm LOVES her elemental doll - and when I was ill the other night brought her to sit beside me on the bedside cabinet and make me better :) It was really kind of you, thank you from Storm and from me. Hope you enjoyed the cake! Lisa x

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