January 24, 2006

blues, no knitting

artsworld strat concert. Stars too many to mention. Albert Lee, Dave Gilmour hank marvin. All Blues all wonderous. I love the blues and I love the blues guitar. My ex many moons ago introduced me to Robin Trower and Daydream. Robin was from Procul Harem and a wondrous blues player. And Daydream. If you heard daydream you wept, you wished you could play the blues. You wished you had the music in your soul to play like this. Tonight the concert was wondrous but sad for some reason. I felt years flying by and my day dreams and dreams being blown away as the time moved on. I haven't knit for a couple of days and I miss it. Trouble is its been hectic here, my room is a pigsty with things all over the place and it puts me off. I haven't been able to work on clearing because yesterday we spent nearly 7 hours out. Taking a video player back to asda then trying to get another. Did you knw that videos were being phased out?? I didn't. Most of what the stores have now are combis which is fine and eventually I took home a video dvd recorder combi. Then DH spent hours settting it up while I was packaging parcels up for sending as all my ebay auctions finished. Eventually 10pm I went downstairs to find no channels working. Then another hour of setting up the channels for video but we could only watch station we recorded on which was *** useless. Glass of wine later decided to take back today. Watched concert which helped for relaxing. This morning helpline for an hour and then told video dvd was faulty. 40mile round journey to take back. I decided a mono video was all I wanted and after ringing around found one at tescos so picked that up on way home. 2pm no room cleared and an hour almost to set up video then out ** dvd wouldn't work. Back on phone, got a lovely lad who when he found out where I lived told me he lived at barracks 10 minutes awy til he took the helpline job. 2 minutes he had us up and running. Well I say us but really DH as I tend to not watch much tv or videos at all. So here I am 5-20pm no room cleared again. Do you think I'll get to it tomorrow? Hope so as I would love to get some more things on ebay fabric stamps etc, more given to freecycle. Already given away 2 bin bags of collage stuff. Then possibly knitting do I hear you say???? Goddess I hope so:) I've some lovely noro sitting next to me and I keep looking and wondering what to make.
Moan over I feel better now so off for potato pasta yum yum.
Recipe for potato pasta. Feeds 2 generously.
dice an onion and cook in a little butter or oil til it softens. In the meantime dice 4 potatoes, add to onions with same amount of your favourite pasta shapes. I find farfalle(butterflies) work best. Also add chicken or veg stock cube(kallo organic best) water to just cover, pepper ,a chopped chilli or 1/2 teaspoon of powder. Bring to boil, lower heat and cook until potatoes cooked around 10 mins. they soak in most of liquid. Add grated parmesan or pecorino or allerdale cheese(lots) and a generous knob of butter. Mix together and eat. I find this is comfort food.


dreamcatcher said...

Sorry you had so much hassle with the video! We gave up with ours a year or so ago, still got some tapes but many are going to the charity shops (we need the room too!).

My tum has been growling for hours and now I've read that lovely recipe I'm going to gently "remind" DH to start cooking the stew :-D

Digitalgran said...

Dear Amber, your the 5th this week to complain about setting up their DVD setup. I need to change mine before they completely finish with videos. Some people found the scart was to blame and once they had a new scart plug it was OK.

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