January 22, 2006


No knitting yet as I've been busy on the craft room clearing. Room is a pigsty but things are going in the different bags so not too bad. I've got give away bags, selling bags, dumping bags. Who'd have thought I'd accumulate so much rubbish? Piles of images cut out of magazines to collage with and I never did. Piles of paper and card enought to equip a shop I'd think:) some to go to grandsons, some to hospice, some of course I keep for my card making. I've downloaded Ruths hat pattern and I'm going to find some yarn soon as I can make my way to the cupboard. I love the idea of all the dangly cords:)
Brief today as I am so shattered after the clearances. More tomorrow and a photo of DS hat in Colinette mohair. BTW DD loved the pink one and it fits a treat:))


dreamcatcher said...

There's something very satisfying about clearing out all the junk and tidying up - we've been doing the exact same thing today. I now have a big space on the shelf above the 'puter for my pattern books :-) Think I've had enough tidying for today now!

BTW can you direct me to the Ruth's hat pattern link? Sorry if I'm being dense or missed it elsewhere :-)

I looked through your flickr gallery the other day to, the dolls are beautiful.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

It is fun clearing isn't it? ruth is http://woollywormhead.blogspot.com/
just need to find debbie bliss maya now or find out what is equivalent?
thanks for comments on my dolls. Currently working on one with knitting:) Obviously a knitting goddess(VBG)

dreamcatcher said...

Thanks for the link :-) DB Maya is now discontinued I believe which seems a shame - Get Knitted have it on sale at 6 pounds a skein rather than 8. Not sure what will knit to an equivalent guage though.

In answer to your question re location, I'm near Blackpool so not too far away! I think Rain is somewhere in Lancs too? Maybe we should start a Lancs knitters webring eh :-D

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