January 14, 2006

Tagged by Ruth

been tagged by Ruth so here I go:0 my very first :))
Seven times Seven meme
Seven things to do before I die:--
visit artfest in USA
learn to knit on 4 needles again and make icords
become solvent
visit France once more
learn to play the drum better
lose the depression
climb Glastonbury Tor

Seven things I cannot do:--
sing - I'm tone deaf ask my children and grandchildren
knit on 4 needles
drive any more, doctor won't allow it now
play chess, I always get confused with the pieces.
play draughts, I can never think ahead enough I just play each piece as it comes
cut a straight line. DH has to cut any cards or fabric I need spot on straight
Seven things that attract me to blogging:-
the community spirit
the ability to say what I feel when /i feel
the variety of blogs out there
the ability to learn, people are so generous with their ideas
the anonymity of it
no time frame, you can always find someone has posted something new
all the links to goodies

Seven things I say most often
yes please
I love you(to DH)
don't (to grandsons/cats when they go for my wool)
let's go have fun
how much
a glass of wine please

Seven books that I love
Moonheart Charles de Lint
Someplace to be flying Charles De Lint
Earth Wisdom Glennie Kindred, the wheel of the year with great suggestions for any age to celebrate. We recently organised a workshop by Glennie and it was very inspiring.
Have you any wool? Jan Messent
Belgariad series David Eddings more than 1 book but can't choose between them
Toll Gate Georgette Heyer
Kitchen Diaries Nigel Slater (have had this from library for months and can't wait til I find it cheap enough to buy)

Seven movies I watch over and over again
Camelot the musical
Blues Brothers 1 and 2
Lethal Weapon(all 4 of them)
Practical Magic Sandra Bullock
Pretty Woman
Last Boy Scout

On another note we had a worrying call this morning MIL had a fall while shopping. At 86 you worry about her but we can't have her live with us. DH said he'd leave home if we did and I said it would have to be after me:) Trouble is that with the best will in the world she watches every soap going and we watch very little tv. We prefer music and doing stuff unless there is something really good on. And I guess I am being selfish now because I can be. Kids grown up, grandchildren we can give back and its me time. The mog has never had that before meeting this husband and I love it. Previous existence with violent men and prior to that parents who thought if you weren't working then you were wasting time. I once got beaten by husband #1 for writing a poem. And art or crafts no way was I allowed to do anything like that. knitting was ok as that made clothes for people and saved money anything else forget it. I know I got married first time to escape from home but it was out of the frying pan only worse. Then number 2,well he was as bad as number 1 but more mental cruelty. This Leo lost all her self confidence and joy in life and had to escape in the middle of the night to get away. I knew DH and rang him early hours of the morning to come get me. He drove over 2 hours each way to do so and was I glad. Took me 2 years plus to be around people without freezing up. Then another year to be creative openly. I wrote a story about some of this called "But I'm not an artist" I'll find it and post it tomorrow. I sent it with a few items of art work to Somerset Studio, all labelled correctly as they ask and they lost it all. I made several calls to them and emails after 18 months and they were useless. Couldn't be bothered searching and shrugged shoulders saying we have lots of stuff unlabelled. That was so much courage to send my creations off to them as well. Plus it cost around £10 postage. Never again.
Wow what a rant tonight, have to think up something sweeter tomorrow. I'm sounding very cynical and I hate that. I've just looked out in the garden and we have the most glorious full moon. Millions of stars and one giant full moon. The white goddess is definately overhead tonight. Aren't we lucky to be able to see that. I walked down in the grove and it was such a delight in the moonlight.


Dudleyspinner said...

I would like to extend an invitation to a great group of women being a goddess of the universe you would fit right in!
Thanks for the compliment on the rovings, I just love color!

here is a link for you to visit the group you may need to copy and paste it.

Sue Krekorian said...

Hi, Amber,
Was reading your tag lists. I live not far from Glastonbury (relatively) and it was on my wish list too. However, I have chronic health problems which affect my mobility and so I'd not attempted to climb the Tor. THe summer before last my two younger children and I went to visit Glastonbury for the day and enjoyed ourselves greatly, looking at the shops and exploring the Abbey grounds and ruins. I found myself drawn to the Tor and decided to have a go. Well, we took it slowly (or I did - I think my son climbed three times the distance as he ran back and forth) and eventuallu we got to the summit, where we enjoyed the view. It was amazing. I am so grateful for the ability to manage that journey, it left me with a great sense of achievement. I also enjoyed the water from the well. The pain I felt for days afterwards was worth it. I hope that you too achieve this goal one day.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I joined the goddesses:) Sue I am determined that if I get to Glastonbury I will try the Tor and well done you for doing so:))

Unknown said...

I posted a comment on Sunday but it doesn't seem to have worked! Love your blog..give our love to Bob xx

PS What is tagging????

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