January 03, 2006

More art uploaded

I've managed to add some photos to my flickr account and put a button on here for viewing them. Thank you Ruth for the very clear instructions. Wow this blogging is fascinating, adding code etc. Who'd have thought I'd have been able to do that? I've uploaded quite a few of my elemental figures. I thought it would encourage me to get back to creating them as it has been a while. The knitting has been uppermost in my mind. I started a triangular shawl knit from one side to the other. I'm using shades of blue Colinette mohair and silky chic. Trouble is I think I'll run out fo the silky chic. Darn will that mean another visit to the mill shop? Guess I'll have to force myself. I'm uploading some stuff to ebay I want rid of as part of the space clearing project. Some Colinette yarns I don't use, some leather, magazines etc. It will hopefully make a little more room. The picture is the shawl taken just now, I'm quite pleased with the outcome so far. I am doing it on chunky needles, stocking stitch with the occasional deliberate hole. I'm intending to thread silky threads through it when finished. While having breakfast this morning I saw a greater spotted woodpecker on the nuts. Very close and nearest I've ever seen one. We are pretty lucky here as we get loads of birds visiting daily. They include peregrine falcon and sparrowhawk and occasional pheasants. Cats and I love sitting watching them all.

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Digitalgran said...

Sorry Amber, but I didn't know you had a blog. It's so varied and interesting. I have just added you to my links.

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