January 21, 2006

A card from my SP7 pal:)

I received a gorgeous card today from my SP7 pal with a promise of something more in the mail:) Very exciting and I am so pleased I joined:) I've been busy emptying my art room, my daughter gave me an ikea computer desk set up and it is a fraction of the size I had. I had a hand made MDF large desk top from my SIL which is now on freecycle:) I'm carrying on the clear out tomorrow and being ruthless I've almost a large bin bag of collage materials/papers/decoupage napkins stamps and more to give away. I dreamt my space last night. It was painted in soft lavenders had my computer desk in one corner, my craft desk in front of windwo. 2 stacks of plastic boxes full of the stuff I don't want to give away, my 2 book cases and a comfy sofa:)) Thats what I am now working towards:) No knitting today as we had lunch at our daughters, my grandson did a fabulous spag bol very yummy. I gave him a blue opal crystal as a thank you. He collects rocks and crystals. Thai meal last night also very delicious and I really enjoyed myself. Back to knitting a hat(surprise surpirse) for my son. Then scarf style came today so I'd like to maybe get some nuro to make Lady eleanor. Not sure if I can make her but I really want to try. I also got wrap style on sale or return but thats going back as I only liked 1 pattern in it.
Must have a see if we can get Lorna's laces here. A girl in library had a gorgeous shrug in oranges/reds/ yellow and she said it was Lorna's laces. Sadly she brought it back from Canada so couldn't help with a local supplier.


HazelNutcluster said...

Now, if I can do Lady Eleanor, anybody can! I had to stop as I realised I was trying it with not enough yarn to finish it, but it was fine. I will definitely do one in future but in cheaper wool than the Kureyon I was attempting.

http://www.getknitted.com/ have Lorna's Laces and in fact I got some 'Bullfrogs and Butterflies' and some 'Lion and Lamb' today, but only one skein of each as they aren't cheap.

dreamcatcher said...

Your craft concept room sounds lovely :-)

Woolly Workshop also sell Lorna's Laces.

ra said...

quick, hurry, lornas laces on sale @ http://www.getknitted.com/acatalog/Special_Offers.html

DO IT NOW!!!!!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

thanks for the links for the yarn, will have to wait until I sell some more ebay stuff though:) Love the colours of Lorna's laces remind me of my felt colours. Must post some pics of the felt. Reminder to self do it tomorrow when you get to that shelf:)

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