January 05, 2006

Dark day, cold day

A dark day, a cold day but a joyful yet sad day. Never really got light all day and it was freezing. I had extra handknitted(not by me) cardigan on and was still chilled. One of those day when you feel the wind strip the moisture from your skin. A sad day because we went to see a dear friend who is waiting for her mum to die. Her mum is dying of a brain tumour and its heartbreaking to see her fade more each day and be kept alive through it. Without going into the should they or shouldn't they let some one die this dear lady is well into her nineties and to see her lying there day by day must be so traumatic. I went through this 5 years ago when my mum had a brain hemorrage(sp?) and it took her 6 weeks to die. She was virtually dead from the beginning but lay day after day in the hospital bed getting weaker and weaker. I hope I never get like that, I'd rather go quickly,So my friend spends as much time as she can with her mum and her mum doesn't wake up hardly, is swollen with water retention, can't eat or drink. I can't do anything yet be there for J and I so much want to do more.
Enough of this, what is the joy then you ask? Such a small thing but on sad days it only takes a small thing to cheer up. I got 3 lots of scrabble sets for £1.50. I use the tiles in my artwork to make words so plenty here to get on with. I finished the shawl and its gorgous if I say so myself. It just needs fringing and beading then I'll put up a picture of it. I now don't know what to m ake? Help! I ordered scarf style and wrap style from amazon as I fancy having a go at the entrelac scarf Lady Eleanor. Trouble is amazon are giving a date of 17th to 19th of Jan thats a long while to wait so hence my what shall I make? Think I'll go and browse a few blogs see if something says make me:)

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Digitalgran said...

Why not create one of your happy little dolls? That would soon cheer you up.

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