January 12, 2006

Another hat done and a marathon on ebay

Made another hat in shades of yellows/gold. A colinette yarn tat appears to be 2 plied together mohair +? I picked it up a while ago at the mill shop and this was first opportunity to use it.Still need to stitch up so will show it off tomorrow. I am exhausted just finished a marathon listing on ebay with my daughter. Good job it was 5p listing day. Almost all the rubber stamps now uploaded, lots of goddess and art doll stamps. Hopefully they will all go and I can say goodbye to the stamping era. It is so sad to see them there and know I can no longer stamp. It is just too too painful. I also put some old lace, art doll and other stuff on as it was cheap day. I still have ink pads, paper and card but that will have to wait as we are both shattered.
Off for glass of wine and a chocolate. Think I've earned it:))

1 comment:

Digitalgran said...

You are sad now Amber but you will soon forget. There are so many other things to fill the time. After 40 years of machine knitting I'm back to hand knitting too and enjoying it.

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