January 08, 2006

Fire elemental and knitting

I made a fire elemental today for a friend of mine who is in need of energy. Really love dyeing felt and then creating these little creatures from it. I've added some essential oils to the yarn I made her hair with, these will help to uplift J. I'm still knitting the fine wool stripey shawl from some yarn I got on ebay. Its so slow though after using thick yarns. I think I'll have to do other things and come back to this periodically. Save my sanity that way. We've got our grandsons here playing Junior Scrabble with DH and also my DS who is visiting. I can hear lots of arguments over spellings so guess I'll have to go and see what is happening.


Cherytree said...

How do you make your wonderful dolls? Is there anywhere we can go for instructions? Ive browzed all over the internet!

Cherytree said...

They are stunning!

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