January 29, 2006

craft room chaos

Well I promised you photos and here they are:) This is part of the before and hopefully you will get pics of the after soon as all the ebay stuff is sold and gone. I've just 3 bin bags to go through now to decide what needs to sell and what to keep. I know there is an awful lot of silk paper making things and they definately can go as I can no longer make paper sadly:( But plus points are
1/ floor space
2/ inspiration from going through everything
3/ some money towards bills
4/ a new room:)
You can see why I had to do it though, can't you? It wasn't like this BTW this is just the stuff out of cupboards and drawers on full show.
On the knitting front, not much done as past 2 days been spent listing things on ebay. You name it everything from old buttons, scrabble to freezer paper its gone on. I have done some more on the crocheted throw for the new sofa and I made another hat(don't laugh I know I said I wouldn't but its a little bit of an addiction. Probably as its a quick fix, a night and its done)This was done in Nuro Kureyon so will fit grandson. Gorgeous colours and when I see where it is hidden will take a photo.


dreamcatcher said...

That's one serious clearout. Reminds me we still need to finish sorting through the attic! At least after all the hard work you will have a great craft room :-)


Having problems emailing you, can you email me: rovingriceyATyahooDOTcoDOTuk

Let me know what your address is and I can pop the book in the post this week.

acrylik said...

Looks just like my craft room on a normal day ;) Good luck with it all, I always find a good clear out of my room frees up the energy and inspiration can reign again!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I am feeling much more inspired already and can't wait til next weekend when hopefully all the ebay stuff will have gone and I can have play space.

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