January 26, 2006

cream crackered and still no knitting:(

Boy I am so tired. The room is a lot bigger job than I thought to clear and sort. I've given 5 large bin bags of stuff away through freecycle already and have probably 4 more left.(at least) Have loads to put on ebay of fabric yarn, stamps etc. Have a sore body everything hurts even though I delegated the heavy and hard stuff. My sis was on phone yesterday and I mentioned I was thinking of putting a sofa in here. I may have one or a futon she said, depends which I want to keep. Will let you know later. She didn't, she just brought it:) So no space, loads of furniture HELP?? The very large haberdashers unit that took some shoving in the room several years ago, and which took a chunk out of the door frame; didn't want to come out at all no matter what DH and our 2 friends did. So it had to be sawn up in situ. So sad but it had to go and there was no other way to do it. I now have the bed settee in awaiting cushions(knitted of course) and a throw. Possibly knitted also or should I go mad and crochet one? Tomorrow no work on roomas we have friends for lunch then more friends in the evening for a colour therapy evening. A friend is coming to do a talk on colour therapy or healing and some samplers for folks to try. Guess who will be front of the queue? So Saturday goddess willing we will finish sorting the room then its a simple matter of uploading to ebay, moving the free cycle stuff and hopefully next week my son will paint for me. And then do you think I can get back to knitting? I surely hope so, I miss the click of the needles. I may just have to go downstairs now and cast on for a cushion:)


Amber's Pal said...

Sounds like you had a really busy day: If you are finished with your room you can come to my house. I have a cellar room that is desperate for a decluttering and cleaning ;-)

Best wishes

Digitalgran said...

You must tell us about your colour therapy talk Amber. I shall be very interested.

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