January 04, 2006

Blogs stole my muse

I came to the conclusion today that blogging, and the subsequent discovery of new blogs to read, steals your soul and your muse. I've found over past few days that I spend more time on the computer exploring so that the day is gone and my art work has suffered. I'm still knitting at night but the hours in the day when I'd maybe put pen to paper, needle to fabric etc have all gone. I haven't made a doll in ages and the last trip to Colinette was partly to stock up on yarns for the hair and bodies of my elementals. The stash is still there staring eagerly at me, the skeletons of a couple of dolls are sat on the desk forlornly- their heads bare and just a pair of pixie boots dangling over the table top. They call me to work on them, they are ready but alack I've not been. I've got my journal on the desk with pen to the fore, I've had ideas in my head for things but why did I not write them down? I have moon colours and shapes there now as I type for making the triple moon piece for above my goddess altar. I think some of it is a reaction to the accidents I've suffered over the festive season. Some also is down to it being the dark half of the year. A time when my energy levels are low and my get up and go is most definately gone. I think maybe I need an extra resolution, "MAKE TIME TO PLAY". Then maybe if I sweet talk her my muse will come back and play.
So a promise to myself, an hour a day on the computer tops. Answer emails browse if I must then off with the power and back to inspiration.
With some of that in mind I've been busy putting stuff on ebay for the space making exercise. Magazines I don't need to keep like Belle Armoire and Somerset Studio. I've decided these are getting very samey and the standard of editing has gone down since the new editor has arrived. No proof reading seems to be being done now . There are lots of mistakes and it isn't a patch on the Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines that I also subscribe to. They seem to have the freshness that the Stampington magazines have now lost. I've also put the copy of wearable art by Maria da Conceiago on Ebay. A fabulous book and very inspiring but when will I want to make clothes again ? Likewise the Jean Greenhowe knitted toys. My grandsons are getting too old for knitted toys now. Well maybe M will make some with his knitting set I got him for Christmas but then he can make simple shapes to begin with. Just one photo today, a view of the shawl I'm making ,it's over half way now and the new colour of silky chich doesn't look too bad. I've saved some of the original colour to do the end so it matches. Fast growing isn't it?

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Digitalgran said...

Hear, hear! But my muse had already disappeared when I started to blog. At the moment blogging is having the opposite effect on me, my muse is coming back. I do agree with having a cut-off time for the computer though. Lovely warm looking shawl.

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