January 10, 2006

Letting go and SP7 I got my partner

I've made the decision very sadly but I'm going to be selling all my rubberstamping supplies. I haven't stamped for a while now it is too painful to do so. It takes too much pressure on the stamp and is very uncomfortable. Plus I've got back into knitting with a vengeance and need the space. Ideally I'd like to sell all the stuff in one go but doubt that will happen. At a rough guess probably well over £1000 of stamps I'd say. I'm hoping to get something over £250 for everything, stamps mounted and unm,ounted, ink pads well over 30 of those, embossing powders and a mountain of card paper and fancy papers. It would be ideal for someone with a shop or craft group I'd think. It feels such a relief knowing I've made the decision . Maybe if I can sell it all we can get a couple of days in Glastonbury. That always makes me feel better, soaking up the vibes of the Chalice Well. My knitting I am enjoying it seems to help the flexibility in my arms and hands doing it. I'm nearly halfway with the fine yarn triangle shawl thats knitted from edge to edge. It is so slow though. I picked up a pattern book in Hebden today for hats scarves and bags using Colinette so I thought I'd maybe do a hat with earflaps. Not for wearing necessarily more for the making.
SP7 Well I got my partner today and I'm looking forward to spoiling her. This is so exciting finding out what someone likes and dislikes over 3 months. And hopefully a friend made through it. I used to organise this kind of thing for stampers many years ago and have also been in swaps. I have always enjoyed the contact with new people and the getting to know you.
No pics yet but maybe tomorrow if its light enough.

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Louise said...

Hi, Sorry to write to you here, but I've sent you three emails about the lopi lite, but I guess you haven't received them. Postage is 8€ to you. Could you try writing me again perhaps at the yahoo address: louknits@yahoo.fr Thanks, Louise

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