January 13, 2006

Friday 13th an auspicious day and new hat posted:)

Well I finished sewing up the hat and I added a bell. I made the top piece longer and also left a knotted piece of the yarn hanging to attach the bell to. Why? Because thats what I fancied trying and I think it looks ok? I've also posted a picture of the yarn sued. It was from Colinette as I said on a mill shop visit and when I prise it apart it appears to be a ribbon/thick mohair combi. Rather nice, very warm yet light.DH was very glad of the hat, he is gardening today and there is a siberian wind blowing around our garden. We live on a crossroads and there is always a wind here. Makes you wonder if thats why in folk lore witches used to always live at crossroads. They could get their broomsticks airborne quicker:)) Mine just sits by the front door ready to sweep away negativity, maybe should bring it inside the way I've felt last few days. It is Friday 13th today and I love the day:) I find that it usually makes me more creative, some of that could also be down to the approaching full moon. I've just been out to take DH a cupppa and there are bulbs peeping up:) Spring is on its way folks isn't it wonderful? It was actually daylight until after 4 yesterday which helps a lot. I do suffer in the dark half of the year, SAD syndrome and some days the mog just wants to stay curled up in bed waiting for the warmer days. I've posted on UKH asking for suggestions for another funky hat pattern. It does have to be on straight needles though as I'm not ready to tackle circular or 4 needle knitting without someone showing me face to face. Last time I tried with a curly whirly scarf I made such a mess of it and the darn yarn wouldn't frog. The 2 cats currently have the piece for dragging round the house and they love it. A bit of an expensive plaything as it was Colinette point 5.
Ah well off to blogland see if I can find some hat patterns.


Justine said...

great hat!I'm enjoying reading your blog, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, have a look at that Michael Parkes site if you haven't already, "The Deva" is another beautiful painting.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

thank you:) I've just seen Michael's site and his work is so inspiring

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