January 07, 2006

12th night celebrations and a thought

last night we had a celebration for 12th night. We hadn't managed to all get together for Yule so we thought we'd celebrate the old festival of 12th night or Saturnalia. A great night with lots of drumming,at one stage while we were down in the grove one of our friends saw people watching from their bathroom. Not that you can see into the grove really but obviously the drumbeats had travelled. We had a bonfire and burnt wishes on paper oak leaves for absent friends. Then feasting,festivities and fun. We alldressed up, the brief was wacky or OTT. I had longjohns with lacy edging. These were a throwback to when I used to live on a narrowbaot on the canal. Winters cruising the canal used to be really cold and you needed many layers, thanks to Damart I was always warm.I topped that with a purpley turquoise skirt hitched up at one side. Add on several throws and scarves tied round arms, legs and waist. Plus a belly dancing scarf with bells and coins in red. Purple tie died top and a beaded purple throw tied over one shoulder the other bare as a la roman. Top this with a purple scarf gipsy style on the hair. Then the piece de la resistance a crown of pipe cleaners covered in silvery white material and a triple moon attached to that. What was I? Obviously moonrise:)) DH was dressed in shades of orange,yellow and reds with sun crown and he was sunset. Photots to follow if they come out ok, I'm too tired to go and find camera to downlaod them. Twas after 1 wne the last ones went to bed. It certainly felt like we had made up for missing Yule and was a welcome return to the light half of the year. Roll on spring.

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Digitalgran said...

That must have been great fun Amber.

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