January 30, 2006

SP7, a package came:)

I received a great gift today from my SP:) Look what she made for me a gorgeous pair of gauntlets. Fraid my picture isn't too good but its getting dark here and I did so want to put a picture up. The gauntlets fit perfectly and I love the pattern on the top, kind of rib diamond? Also choc, a note pad for my ideas etc and a moggie card:) Thank you SP I love the thought you put into the gift and I do appreciate it.

January 29, 2006

craft room chaos

Well I promised you photos and here they are:) This is part of the before and hopefully you will get pics of the after soon as all the ebay stuff is sold and gone. I've just 3 bin bags to go through now to decide what needs to sell and what to keep. I know there is an awful lot of silk paper making things and they definately can go as I can no longer make paper sadly:( But plus points are
1/ floor space
2/ inspiration from going through everything
3/ some money towards bills
4/ a new room:)
You can see why I had to do it though, can't you? It wasn't like this BTW this is just the stuff out of cupboards and drawers on full show.
On the knitting front, not much done as past 2 days been spent listing things on ebay. You name it everything from old buttons, scrabble to freezer paper its gone on. I have done some more on the crocheted throw for the new sofa and I made another hat(don't laugh I know I said I wouldn't but its a little bit of an addiction. Probably as its a quick fix, a night and its done)This was done in Nuro Kureyon so will fit grandson. Gorgeous colours and when I see where it is hidden will take a photo.

January 26, 2006

cream crackered and still no knitting:(

Boy I am so tired. The room is a lot bigger job than I thought to clear and sort. I've given 5 large bin bags of stuff away through freecycle already and have probably 4 more left.(at least) Have loads to put on ebay of fabric yarn, stamps etc. Have a sore body everything hurts even though I delegated the heavy and hard stuff. My sis was on phone yesterday and I mentioned I was thinking of putting a sofa in here. I may have one or a futon she said, depends which I want to keep. Will let you know later. She didn't, she just brought it:) So no space, loads of furniture HELP?? The very large haberdashers unit that took some shoving in the room several years ago, and which took a chunk out of the door frame; didn't want to come out at all no matter what DH and our 2 friends did. So it had to be sawn up in situ. So sad but it had to go and there was no other way to do it. I now have the bed settee in awaiting cushions(knitted of course) and a throw. Possibly knitted also or should I go mad and crochet one? Tomorrow no work on roomas we have friends for lunch then more friends in the evening for a colour therapy evening. A friend is coming to do a talk on colour therapy or healing and some samplers for folks to try. Guess who will be front of the queue? So Saturday goddess willing we will finish sorting the room then its a simple matter of uploading to ebay, moving the free cycle stuff and hopefully next week my son will paint for me. And then do you think I can get back to knitting? I surely hope so, I miss the click of the needles. I may just have to go downstairs now and cast on for a cushion:)

January 24, 2006

blues, no knitting

artsworld strat concert. Stars too many to mention. Albert Lee, Dave Gilmour hank marvin. All Blues all wonderous. I love the blues and I love the blues guitar. My ex many moons ago introduced me to Robin Trower and Daydream. Robin was from Procul Harem and a wondrous blues player. And Daydream. If you heard daydream you wept, you wished you could play the blues. You wished you had the music in your soul to play like this. Tonight the concert was wondrous but sad for some reason. I felt years flying by and my day dreams and dreams being blown away as the time moved on. I haven't knit for a couple of days and I miss it. Trouble is its been hectic here, my room is a pigsty with things all over the place and it puts me off. I haven't been able to work on clearing because yesterday we spent nearly 7 hours out. Taking a video player back to asda then trying to get another. Did you knw that videos were being phased out?? I didn't. Most of what the stores have now are combis which is fine and eventually I took home a video dvd recorder combi. Then DH spent hours settting it up while I was packaging parcels up for sending as all my ebay auctions finished. Eventually 10pm I went downstairs to find no channels working. Then another hour of setting up the channels for video but we could only watch station we recorded on which was *** useless. Glass of wine later decided to take back today. Watched concert which helped for relaxing. This morning helpline for an hour and then told video dvd was faulty. 40mile round journey to take back. I decided a mono video was all I wanted and after ringing around found one at tescos so picked that up on way home. 2pm no room cleared and an hour almost to set up video then out ** dvd wouldn't work. Back on phone, got a lovely lad who when he found out where I lived told me he lived at barracks 10 minutes awy til he took the helpline job. 2 minutes he had us up and running. Well I say us but really DH as I tend to not watch much tv or videos at all. So here I am 5-20pm no room cleared again. Do you think I'll get to it tomorrow? Hope so as I would love to get some more things on ebay fabric stamps etc, more given to freecycle. Already given away 2 bin bags of collage stuff. Then possibly knitting do I hear you say???? Goddess I hope so:) I've some lovely noro sitting next to me and I keep looking and wondering what to make.
Moan over I feel better now so off for potato pasta yum yum.
Recipe for potato pasta. Feeds 2 generously.
dice an onion and cook in a little butter or oil til it softens. In the meantime dice 4 potatoes, add to onions with same amount of your favourite pasta shapes. I find farfalle(butterflies) work best. Also add chicken or veg stock cube(kallo organic best) water to just cover, pepper ,a chopped chilli or 1/2 teaspoon of powder. Bring to boil, lower heat and cook until potatoes cooked around 10 mins. they soak in most of liquid. Add grated parmesan or pecorino or allerdale cheese(lots) and a generous knob of butter. Mix together and eat. I find this is comfort food.

January 22, 2006


No knitting yet as I've been busy on the craft room clearing. Room is a pigsty but things are going in the different bags so not too bad. I've got give away bags, selling bags, dumping bags. Who'd have thought I'd accumulate so much rubbish? Piles of images cut out of magazines to collage with and I never did. Piles of paper and card enought to equip a shop I'd think:) some to go to grandsons, some to hospice, some of course I keep for my card making. I've downloaded Ruths hat pattern and I'm going to find some yarn soon as I can make my way to the cupboard. I love the idea of all the dangly cords:)
Brief today as I am so shattered after the clearances. More tomorrow and a photo of DS hat in Colinette mohair. BTW DD loved the pink one and it fits a treat:))

January 21, 2006

A card from my SP7 pal:)

I received a gorgeous card today from my SP7 pal with a promise of something more in the mail:) Very exciting and I am so pleased I joined:) I've been busy emptying my art room, my daughter gave me an ikea computer desk set up and it is a fraction of the size I had. I had a hand made MDF large desk top from my SIL which is now on freecycle:) I'm carrying on the clear out tomorrow and being ruthless I've almost a large bin bag of collage materials/papers/decoupage napkins stamps and more to give away. I dreamt my space last night. It was painted in soft lavenders had my computer desk in one corner, my craft desk in front of windwo. 2 stacks of plastic boxes full of the stuff I don't want to give away, my 2 book cases and a comfy sofa:)) Thats what I am now working towards:) No knitting today as we had lunch at our daughters, my grandson did a fabulous spag bol very yummy. I gave him a blue opal crystal as a thank you. He collects rocks and crystals. Thai meal last night also very delicious and I really enjoyed myself. Back to knitting a hat(surprise surpirse) for my son. Then scarf style came today so I'd like to maybe get some nuro to make Lady eleanor. Not sure if I can make her but I really want to try. I also got wrap style on sale or return but thats going back as I only liked 1 pattern in it.
Must have a see if we can get Lorna's laces here. A girl in library had a gorgeous shrug in oranges/reds/ yellow and she said it was Lorna's laces. Sadly she brought it back from Canada so couldn't help with a local supplier.

January 20, 2006

Yet another hat finished:)

Well I finished another hat, this time in fluffy pink eyelash yarn. Have a few balls of this so either needed to knit it or sell it:) Think I'll sell rest though as I've already done 2 scarves in it plus this hat. Thats enough in one colour don't you think? Isn't it pretty and I don't wear pink:) It feels so soft and warm and strokeable. Ooh I need to knit something else . I'd like to find another easy hat pattern that isn't a pull on bobble hat, something with style and pizazz. Not asking a lot am I? Tonight we are going out for a meal to celebrate a friends birthday. Going to a Thai restaurant on the coast. Haven't been there before but I do love Thai food . Then tomorrow grandson aged seven is cooking us Spag Bol, done the proper way vegetables chopped etc. No packet foods for this lad. I am quite looking forward to it as he is so keen. Think he takes after me plus DD. I showed her how to cook from around 4 I think and now she is teaching the 2 grandsons. Next week the elder one 9 is cooking penne with something:)

January 19, 2006

Yeah, pictures of the shawl finished:)

Well I've finished and I've blocked and I've published:)) The shawl is finally finished. I don't want fringing I've decided I like it the way it is. Couldn't get a good pic of it so you'll have to make do with these ones. For my first time with fine wool in a long while I'm quite pleased. Its so light to wear you barely feel its on yet its warm. Now what shall I knit???

January 18, 2006

What kind of an animal are you? Story told to the mog by her 2 kits

What kind on of an animal are you? Me I'm a cat, a sleek sleepy kind of cat. The kind of cat who lies in the sun and twitches as she sleeps. That's me, a cat. And, why not a cat I ask? They are of royal blood are cats. In olden times they were worshipped by Egyptians. Dearest cat was fed and praised by all who saw her. Her every need taken care of. It is much the same now for some of the feline persuasion. They wake, they look around and stretch. Stretch each and every part of them. And then its food, glorious sustenance for puss to eat before she takes a turn around the house. A once over, if you will to check that all is well with her world and once the task is done perhaps another sleep would be in order. But its not all sleep you know for our trusted friend. She prowls when you sleep, sometimes inside, sometimes out but always at her own sweet pace. Who but cat would know the number of creatures busy around the place? Who else to chastise them as they cross her path? A foolish mouse ,thinking he'll try that seed on the floor, wishes he hadn't bothered when he spies cat a twitching in the dark. Too late as she nabs him by the tail. One less to invade her space she thinks as she bites his head clean off. Cruel? Maybe but it is her house after all and he wasn't invited in.
Cats are fussy who is part of their circle. Not just any one and certainly not to be won by bribes. (Well maybe just this once, seeing as you've brought me something good to eat). I'll purr and yes you may stroke me but only until I've had enough. Not just until you are tired. No, don't lift me on your lap, we hardly know each other after all and one titbit doesn't give you rights you know.
Some people take advantage of one's good nature. Why not just keep to the stroking like I asked.
As I was saying, until I was so rudely interrupted. I am of a large family. We are descended from true temple cats. My mothers,mothers uncle used to be part of a family of traveling mummers. He taught them all he could of tricks and stories and magical sleight of hand. Sometimes he'd even take part to ensure that the standards remained high. He traveled a lot on the continent and appeared before many a well known family. Been feted by royalty great uncle has.
He was once offered a home by a lady (who shall remain nameless) with his own crested velvet bed. He refused of course. Well we do have principals and even then we couldn't be bought unless we wished it so.
He is the one who taught us how to appear invisible. That has been handed down cat to kitten since then. We have it off to a fine art you know.
Where was I? Nowhere my dear fellow, I never moved a whisker.
I couldn't divulge his secrets, certainly not! Else it wouldn't be a secret would it?
Do it again?
Why certainly...........
As told to the mog by her 2 cats earlier this morning and I believe its true don't you???
Seriously I woke this morning with this in my head:) I thought I'd share with you.
Still busy uploading stuff to ebay, when will it end? The 2ply shawl is almost there and tomorrow will see the end of the knitting. I didn't get much done of it yesterday as I was too tired and had an early night. Tonight I hope to knit if the cats don't have more stories for me of course.

January 17, 2006

hectic 2 days and knitting(or not) to Cumbria

its been hectic past 2 days. What with going up to see mum. I tried knitting on way there but no good. velvet coat didn't help needles move smoothly and occasional bumpy road made it worse so no more travel knitting for the moggie:) Mum is ok after fall thank goodness. Long day from 9am to 6pm when we got home. I was really sore. . Knitting tonight I hope, the 2ply shawl almost finished and I want to get done now. Haven't blocked before but this will need it so have to check on ukhk how to do so. Don't want to ruin now I'm almost done and I don't iron normally unless its to fix dyes. Well have you ever heard of cats ironing? I don't think so:)) We much prefer doing arty crafty stuff.

January 15, 2006

Knitting ,ebaying and eating

The shawl in 2 ply is coming along ok. However the yarnI purchased from ebay keeps knotting. I emailed the supplier to ask about it and didn't get much joy. I've used from the inside of the ball as she said and have had knots quite often or bits where it was almost broken through. I reckon out of the first ball I must have wasted over 5 metres that was too knotted to undo. This second ball has had a few metres also. Trouble is every so often you have to stop and unknot, it doesn't allow for smooth flow of knitting.
Ebay, well I've been listing again this afternoon and I think I can see a little daylight at last. I've still a lot of stuff to list but the items on ebay are getting bids which is good. I'm enclosing a pic here of some yarn I need to put on. Some is colinette, both firecracker and point five including a curly whirly I started and haven't bothered frogging, some I purchased thinking it was colinette(it isn't but knits up well) think there is around 650 gr altogether. Need to put that on in my next marathon. I like the yarn just got fed up working with eyelash and ribbon effects after the scarf marathon.
Eating, made roast lamb shoulder and roasted vegetables with lime for tea. Had to throw the shoulder away so we ended up with roast vegetables. Lamb raw tasting despite plenty of cooking and total fat. Part of a half lamb I purchased at our local farmers market. Back to just getting chops in future I think. I much prefer them anyway.
Watched Joan Rivers last night and really enjoyed it. She is so funny about stuff that political correctness says you shouldn't mention. So glass of wine, knitting and tv a real change for me:)

January 14, 2006

Tagged by Ruth

been tagged by Ruth so here I go:0 my very first :))
Seven times Seven meme
Seven things to do before I die:--
visit artfest in USA
learn to knit on 4 needles again and make icords
become solvent
visit France once more
learn to play the drum better
lose the depression
climb Glastonbury Tor

Seven things I cannot do:--
sing - I'm tone deaf ask my children and grandchildren
knit on 4 needles
drive any more, doctor won't allow it now
play chess, I always get confused with the pieces.
play draughts, I can never think ahead enough I just play each piece as it comes
cut a straight line. DH has to cut any cards or fabric I need spot on straight
Seven things that attract me to blogging:-
the community spirit
the ability to say what I feel when /i feel
the variety of blogs out there
the ability to learn, people are so generous with their ideas
the anonymity of it
no time frame, you can always find someone has posted something new
all the links to goodies

Seven things I say most often
yes please
I love you(to DH)
don't (to grandsons/cats when they go for my wool)
let's go have fun
how much
a glass of wine please

Seven books that I love
Moonheart Charles de Lint
Someplace to be flying Charles De Lint
Earth Wisdom Glennie Kindred, the wheel of the year with great suggestions for any age to celebrate. We recently organised a workshop by Glennie and it was very inspiring.
Have you any wool? Jan Messent
Belgariad series David Eddings more than 1 book but can't choose between them
Toll Gate Georgette Heyer
Kitchen Diaries Nigel Slater (have had this from library for months and can't wait til I find it cheap enough to buy)

Seven movies I watch over and over again
Camelot the musical
Blues Brothers 1 and 2
Lethal Weapon(all 4 of them)
Practical Magic Sandra Bullock
Pretty Woman
Last Boy Scout

On another note we had a worrying call this morning MIL had a fall while shopping. At 86 you worry about her but we can't have her live with us. DH said he'd leave home if we did and I said it would have to be after me:) Trouble is that with the best will in the world she watches every soap going and we watch very little tv. We prefer music and doing stuff unless there is something really good on. And I guess I am being selfish now because I can be. Kids grown up, grandchildren we can give back and its me time. The mog has never had that before meeting this husband and I love it. Previous existence with violent men and prior to that parents who thought if you weren't working then you were wasting time. I once got beaten by husband #1 for writing a poem. And art or crafts no way was I allowed to do anything like that. knitting was ok as that made clothes for people and saved money anything else forget it. I know I got married first time to escape from home but it was out of the frying pan only worse. Then number 2,well he was as bad as number 1 but more mental cruelty. This Leo lost all her self confidence and joy in life and had to escape in the middle of the night to get away. I knew DH and rang him early hours of the morning to come get me. He drove over 2 hours each way to do so and was I glad. Took me 2 years plus to be around people without freezing up. Then another year to be creative openly. I wrote a story about some of this called "But I'm not an artist" I'll find it and post it tomorrow. I sent it with a few items of art work to Somerset Studio, all labelled correctly as they ask and they lost it all. I made several calls to them and emails after 18 months and they were useless. Couldn't be bothered searching and shrugged shoulders saying we have lots of stuff unlabelled. That was so much courage to send my creations off to them as well. Plus it cost around £10 postage. Never again.
Wow what a rant tonight, have to think up something sweeter tomorrow. I'm sounding very cynical and I hate that. I've just looked out in the garden and we have the most glorious full moon. Millions of stars and one giant full moon. The white goddess is definately overhead tonight. Aren't we lucky to be able to see that. I walked down in the grove and it was such a delight in the moonlight.

January 13, 2006

Friday 13th an auspicious day and new hat posted:)

Well I finished sewing up the hat and I added a bell. I made the top piece longer and also left a knotted piece of the yarn hanging to attach the bell to. Why? Because thats what I fancied trying and I think it looks ok? I've also posted a picture of the yarn sued. It was from Colinette as I said on a mill shop visit and when I prise it apart it appears to be a ribbon/thick mohair combi. Rather nice, very warm yet light.DH was very glad of the hat, he is gardening today and there is a siberian wind blowing around our garden. We live on a crossroads and there is always a wind here. Makes you wonder if thats why in folk lore witches used to always live at crossroads. They could get their broomsticks airborne quicker:)) Mine just sits by the front door ready to sweep away negativity, maybe should bring it inside the way I've felt last few days. It is Friday 13th today and I love the day:) I find that it usually makes me more creative, some of that could also be down to the approaching full moon. I've just been out to take DH a cupppa and there are bulbs peeping up:) Spring is on its way folks isn't it wonderful? It was actually daylight until after 4 yesterday which helps a lot. I do suffer in the dark half of the year, SAD syndrome and some days the mog just wants to stay curled up in bed waiting for the warmer days. I've posted on UKH asking for suggestions for another funky hat pattern. It does have to be on straight needles though as I'm not ready to tackle circular or 4 needle knitting without someone showing me face to face. Last time I tried with a curly whirly scarf I made such a mess of it and the darn yarn wouldn't frog. The 2 cats currently have the piece for dragging round the house and they love it. A bit of an expensive plaything as it was Colinette point 5.
Ah well off to blogland see if I can find some hat patterns.

January 12, 2006

Another hat done and a marathon on ebay

Made another hat in shades of yellows/gold. A colinette yarn tat appears to be 2 plied together mohair +? I picked it up a while ago at the mill shop and this was first opportunity to use it.Still need to stitch up so will show it off tomorrow. I am exhausted just finished a marathon listing on ebay with my daughter. Good job it was 5p listing day. Almost all the rubber stamps now uploaded, lots of goddess and art doll stamps. Hopefully they will all go and I can say goodbye to the stamping era. It is so sad to see them there and know I can no longer stamp. It is just too too painful. I also put some old lace, art doll and other stuff on as it was cheap day. I still have ink pads, paper and card but that will have to wait as we are both shattered.
Off for glass of wine and a chocolate. Think I've earned it:))

January 11, 2006

First hat made

Well I made my first hat in over 25 years and I'm thrilled with it. It fits, its warm and if the pattern went a bit skeewif when shaping who cares? Its from the Colinette accessories book and the yarn is Adriafil chunky. It took just under 2 50gm balls which wasn't too bad. I made the tip of the hat a bit longer rather than stumpy as I preferred that. I'm going to stitch some bells to it, one on the top and one each on the ear pieces. Now I've got the bug so must make another. This took around 2 hours tops so not too bad I thought. Had an email from my SP7 partner which was good. I wonder where she is from as the sign ups seem to be from all over the world. Went to see a friend in Ulverston today and looked in the yarn shop there. What a lovely shop it is and lots of samples to look at and touch. Very inspiring but I was good and didn't buy anything except a pack of sewing up needles with big eyes for chunky wool. Was very tempted though. The monastery is looking more gaudy by the day, way too much gold decoration for me and doesn't sit well with the old priory buildings. However thats their choice. I'd have thought the money better spent on upkeep of the grounds and buildings that are there. Looked at Noro Silk Garden in the YS, wow what lovely colours and the locally dyed and spun yarns were wonderful. I once had a go at spinning but found it hurt my back way too much so gave up. I decided there was no point spinning if it was going to put me in bed for several days so now I buy yarn instead. I have had a go at dyeing some and that came out ok, although not what I had in mind. I'm much better at dyeing felt for my dolls.

January 10, 2006

Letting go and SP7 I got my partner

I've made the decision very sadly but I'm going to be selling all my rubberstamping supplies. I haven't stamped for a while now it is too painful to do so. It takes too much pressure on the stamp and is very uncomfortable. Plus I've got back into knitting with a vengeance and need the space. Ideally I'd like to sell all the stuff in one go but doubt that will happen. At a rough guess probably well over £1000 of stamps I'd say. I'm hoping to get something over £250 for everything, stamps mounted and unm,ounted, ink pads well over 30 of those, embossing powders and a mountain of card paper and fancy papers. It would be ideal for someone with a shop or craft group I'd think. It feels such a relief knowing I've made the decision . Maybe if I can sell it all we can get a couple of days in Glastonbury. That always makes me feel better, soaking up the vibes of the Chalice Well. My knitting I am enjoying it seems to help the flexibility in my arms and hands doing it. I'm nearly halfway with the fine yarn triangle shawl thats knitted from edge to edge. It is so slow though. I picked up a pattern book in Hebden today for hats scarves and bags using Colinette so I thought I'd maybe do a hat with earflaps. Not for wearing necessarily more for the making.
SP7 Well I got my partner today and I'm looking forward to spoiling her. This is so exciting finding out what someone likes and dislikes over 3 months. And hopefully a friend made through it. I used to organise this kind of thing for stampers many years ago and have also been in swaps. I have always enjoyed the contact with new people and the getting to know you.
No pics yet but maybe tomorrow if its light enough.

January 08, 2006

SP7 questionnaire

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer higher quality and/or natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? I love most yarns so don't think I'm a snob at all.
2. Do you spin? Crochet? I love to crochet although I'm not very experienced at it. I can make throws/afghans and curly whirlys.
3. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in? Anything I can. At the moment I've a zip bag
4. How long have you been knitting? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced? Been knitting since I was 5 so over 45 years but only recently come back to it. I'd say late begiiner to intermediate.
5. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list? Not yet
6. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.) I love frankincense, patchouli I'm just an old hippy at heart.
7. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy? Love proper dark chocolate. Green and Blacks etc.
8. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? I make elemental figures, some cards, and do mixed media embroidery although not as much now I'm back knitting.
9. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD) Love Katie Melua, Carolyn Hillier, Enya, Blues and can play MP3s
10. What's your favorite color? Or--do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can't stand? Love all colours especially purples, midnight blues and rainbows. Don't much like beige and neutrals except cream.
11. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets? Married, 2 grown up children and 2 lovely grandsons. 2 cats Herne and Loki both black.
12. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?Yes to scarves and hats, would wear poncho just haven't found right pattern. Love cloaks.
13. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with?Colinette and Noro but would love most. Have to say I've gone off eyelash yarns lately
14. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? probably scratcy and acrylic nylons the ones that give you static.
15. What is/are your current knitting obsession/s? Shawls, throws.
16. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?as above.
17. What are you knitting right now?Triangle shawl in fine yarn and a sampler quilt in cream using all different patterns I want to try.
18. Do you like to receive handmade gifts? Yes I do and to give.
19. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Don't know have only straight and 1 circular which I haven't got the hang of yet.
20. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?Only have metal and plastic at the moment really fancy trying wood .
21. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift? No I don't
22. How did you learn to knit?My gran taught me and to crochet.
23. How old is your oldest UFO? haven't got any yet.
24. What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal/bird? Garfield and favourite animal cat of course. After all moggie is another word for cat.
25. What is your favorite holiday? Yule
26. Is there anything that you collect? hand made dolls, yarn, witches.
27. What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have? None
28. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on?Any noro yarns,hand dyed yarns, Wrap Style, books of knitting crochet stitches or blocks, otherwise pretty much anything although I'm not keen on fair isle knitting. I used to do such a lot of it I became soured.
29. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn? Circular knitting
30. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements? Not made any for over 30 years. Foot measurement British size 5
31. When is your birthday? (mm/dd) 21st August
Phew hope that covers everything and I'm really looking forward to my first time in SP7

Fire elemental and knitting

I made a fire elemental today for a friend of mine who is in need of energy. Really love dyeing felt and then creating these little creatures from it. I've added some essential oils to the yarn I made her hair with, these will help to uplift J. I'm still knitting the fine wool stripey shawl from some yarn I got on ebay. Its so slow though after using thick yarns. I think I'll have to do other things and come back to this periodically. Save my sanity that way. We've got our grandsons here playing Junior Scrabble with DH and also my DS who is visiting. I can hear lots of arguments over spellings so guess I'll have to go and see what is happening.

January 07, 2006

12th night celebrations and a thought

last night we had a celebration for 12th night. We hadn't managed to all get together for Yule so we thought we'd celebrate the old festival of 12th night or Saturnalia. A great night with lots of drumming,at one stage while we were down in the grove one of our friends saw people watching from their bathroom. Not that you can see into the grove really but obviously the drumbeats had travelled. We had a bonfire and burnt wishes on paper oak leaves for absent friends. Then feasting,festivities and fun. We alldressed up, the brief was wacky or OTT. I had longjohns with lacy edging. These were a throwback to when I used to live on a narrowbaot on the canal. Winters cruising the canal used to be really cold and you needed many layers, thanks to Damart I was always warm.I topped that with a purpley turquoise skirt hitched up at one side. Add on several throws and scarves tied round arms, legs and waist. Plus a belly dancing scarf with bells and coins in red. Purple tie died top and a beaded purple throw tied over one shoulder the other bare as a la roman. Top this with a purple scarf gipsy style on the hair. Then the piece de la resistance a crown of pipe cleaners covered in silvery white material and a triple moon attached to that. What was I? Obviously moonrise:)) DH was dressed in shades of orange,yellow and reds with sun crown and he was sunset. Photots to follow if they come out ok, I'm too tired to go and find camera to downlaod them. Twas after 1 wne the last ones went to bed. It certainly felt like we had made up for missing Yule and was a welcome return to the light half of the year. Roll on spring.

January 05, 2006

Dark day, cold day

A dark day, a cold day but a joyful yet sad day. Never really got light all day and it was freezing. I had extra handknitted(not by me) cardigan on and was still chilled. One of those day when you feel the wind strip the moisture from your skin. A sad day because we went to see a dear friend who is waiting for her mum to die. Her mum is dying of a brain tumour and its heartbreaking to see her fade more each day and be kept alive through it. Without going into the should they or shouldn't they let some one die this dear lady is well into her nineties and to see her lying there day by day must be so traumatic. I went through this 5 years ago when my mum had a brain hemorrage(sp?) and it took her 6 weeks to die. She was virtually dead from the beginning but lay day after day in the hospital bed getting weaker and weaker. I hope I never get like that, I'd rather go quickly,So my friend spends as much time as she can with her mum and her mum doesn't wake up hardly, is swollen with water retention, can't eat or drink. I can't do anything yet be there for J and I so much want to do more.
Enough of this, what is the joy then you ask? Such a small thing but on sad days it only takes a small thing to cheer up. I got 3 lots of scrabble sets for £1.50. I use the tiles in my artwork to make words so plenty here to get on with. I finished the shawl and its gorgous if I say so myself. It just needs fringing and beading then I'll put up a picture of it. I now don't know what to m ake? Help! I ordered scarf style and wrap style from amazon as I fancy having a go at the entrelac scarf Lady Eleanor. Trouble is amazon are giving a date of 17th to 19th of Jan thats a long while to wait so hence my what shall I make? Think I'll go and browse a few blogs see if something says make me:)

January 04, 2006

winter haiku(and I know I have blogged today)

Yes I know what I wrote about once a day internet but I just finished postcards for a Winter haiku swap I'm in so I wanted to upload it. The photo is from Castle Howe in the English Lakes. I took it on my phone in November when we had heavy frost that looked almost like snow. Castle Howe is where the last officially recorded sighting of fairies was according to the book by Janet and Colin bord. A magical, beautiful spooky place. Hope you like it

Blogs stole my muse

I came to the conclusion today that blogging, and the subsequent discovery of new blogs to read, steals your soul and your muse. I've found over past few days that I spend more time on the computer exploring so that the day is gone and my art work has suffered. I'm still knitting at night but the hours in the day when I'd maybe put pen to paper, needle to fabric etc have all gone. I haven't made a doll in ages and the last trip to Colinette was partly to stock up on yarns for the hair and bodies of my elementals. The stash is still there staring eagerly at me, the skeletons of a couple of dolls are sat on the desk forlornly- their heads bare and just a pair of pixie boots dangling over the table top. They call me to work on them, they are ready but alack I've not been. I've got my journal on the desk with pen to the fore, I've had ideas in my head for things but why did I not write them down? I have moon colours and shapes there now as I type for making the triple moon piece for above my goddess altar. I think some of it is a reaction to the accidents I've suffered over the festive season. Some also is down to it being the dark half of the year. A time when my energy levels are low and my get up and go is most definately gone. I think maybe I need an extra resolution, "MAKE TIME TO PLAY". Then maybe if I sweet talk her my muse will come back and play.
So a promise to myself, an hour a day on the computer tops. Answer emails browse if I must then off with the power and back to inspiration.
With some of that in mind I've been busy putting stuff on ebay for the space making exercise. Magazines I don't need to keep like Belle Armoire and Somerset Studio. I've decided these are getting very samey and the standard of editing has gone down since the new editor has arrived. No proof reading seems to be being done now . There are lots of mistakes and it isn't a patch on the Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines that I also subscribe to. They seem to have the freshness that the Stampington magazines have now lost. I've also put the copy of wearable art by Maria da Conceiago on Ebay. A fabulous book and very inspiring but when will I want to make clothes again ? Likewise the Jean Greenhowe knitted toys. My grandsons are getting too old for knitted toys now. Well maybe M will make some with his knitting set I got him for Christmas but then he can make simple shapes to begin with. Just one photo today, a view of the shawl I'm making ,it's over half way now and the new colour of silky chich doesn't look too bad. I've saved some of the original colour to do the end so it matches. Fast growing isn't it?

January 03, 2006

More art uploaded

I've managed to add some photos to my flickr account and put a button on here for viewing them. Thank you Ruth for the very clear instructions. Wow this blogging is fascinating, adding code etc. Who'd have thought I'd have been able to do that? I've uploaded quite a few of my elemental figures. I thought it would encourage me to get back to creating them as it has been a while. The knitting has been uppermost in my mind. I started a triangular shawl knit from one side to the other. I'm using shades of blue Colinette mohair and silky chic. Trouble is I think I'll run out fo the silky chic. Darn will that mean another visit to the mill shop? Guess I'll have to force myself. I'm uploading some stuff to ebay I want rid of as part of the space clearing project. Some Colinette yarns I don't use, some leather, magazines etc. It will hopefully make a little more room. The picture is the shawl taken just now, I'm quite pleased with the outcome so far. I am doing it on chunky needles, stocking stitch with the occasional deliberate hole. I'm intending to thread silky threads through it when finished. While having breakfast this morning I saw a greater spotted woodpecker on the nuts. Very close and nearest I've ever seen one. We are pretty lucky here as we get loads of birds visiting daily. They include peregrine falcon and sparrowhawk and occasional pheasants. Cats and I love sitting watching them all.

January 02, 2006

final(almost) total on scarves made for Yule

this was the photo of the total scarves made as Yule gifts. Mix if knit and crochet ones and all fun to make. Had some nice comments from folks who received them which is good. I also finally worked out how to post links to the blogs I read. A little shaky but thanks to all the kind people helping I made it. Whether I'll remember how to tomorrow is another thing:) I did also set up blogrolling but lord knows why they aren't showing on my blog page. The mysteries of T'internet I guess. I'm totally exhausted today and I think its an accumulation of late nights busy days socialising and so forth. I've not felt like doing much at all today. Think it will be knitting by the fire rest of today.

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