March 26, 2006

Knitting finished and on needles

above pictures throw cavendish drying on floor roughly blocked just to stretch a little and won't rehash why(rotten pattern pics not matching finished size) ok I did just grumble but what the heck. Second pic a throw in colinette mohair colour mist stocking stitch with occasional garter stitch ridge. Doing on circulars as I figured was time to try them again. A bit of a blah time don't know what else to knit. Want to do throws/cushions bags and hats at the minute so looking for new pattern ideas in those. And socks?? don't mention socks:) I am not meant to make them and why I thought I'd enjoy working with 4 or 5 tiny skinny pins goddess knows. Its fiddley its boring and not me,. Plus I'd have to make 2 different sizes as my bad leg is much wider than my good. Oh and plus I live towelling plain white socks that I can random dye. Thatys another thing whilst on a rant. You can't buy plain white towelling socks now, they all have some logo or other on them. Plus I only wear socks with my boots:))


Anonymous said...

If you have Sock Yarn and don't want to make Socks why not make a throw nwith it? that is my Plan for all the leftover sockyarn I have...eventually

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

great idea Silvia as no more socks for me:)

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