March 20, 2006

bags, baggage, bulbs and happy Spring Equinox or Ostara

the noro for the bags is kureyon from ebay and such a bright set of colours in it. I adore noro and if I could find a cheap wholesale type place for it I'd be in noro heaven:) The pattern is from the Cornelia Tuttle hamilton noro book, the one with the trains in.
Looking round this house I don't know how I ever accumulated so much junk, treasures as well but junk mainly. What ever possessed me to get half of it? Freecycle will be busy once I get DH to start the clearances.
All the bulbs are coming up in the garden especially in the grove. Its a sea of yellows from the crocus, daffs and primulas/primroses. Best time of year in there and perfect timing for Spring Equinox or Ostara. Kind of goes with the whole egg theme to have all this yellow around. Think I may have to explore making something in yellow acid yellow and lime green maybe:) Wonder if I can find noro in those colours? Not much done on the throw, babysitting last night and the sofas at DDs are not condusive to comfort at all. Couldn't read and knit book kept sliding and when book didn't I did. Came home and straight to bed exhausted. Still not plucked up courage to felt the bags.

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WickedStitch said...

Me again! Oh how I adore this bag! I will have to try to find the book /pattern! You mentioned that you love NORO and would be all set if you knew a place with decent pricing...I am not sure what shipping would cost but take a look here!

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