March 27, 2006

SP7, sent my last parcel

sent the last gift to my SP7 pal today. Must say that my first round with SP I am a tad disappointed. My spoilee didn't put any pics on her blog of what I sent and indeed barely mentioned the parcels. I found it very hard to do chatty stuff when I didn't get much of an answer from her. Not a good match for a chatty cat. Maybe next round will be better. For final parcel I sent a couple of sets of gemstone stitch markers, some colinette yarn and latest knitting mag. Will she like them? we will wait and see. I'm not being sour grapes but when I see some of the matches and friendships made just shows different folks expectations I suppose.


Amber's Pal said...

Unfortunately not always do people match up good. But of course a public or a private thank you goes a long way. Even if the present wasn't exactly of the recepient's taste.

Best wishes
your SP7 Pal ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, you are not alone. The person that has been spoiling me has been great and we've done well keeping in touch. Now the person I'm supposed to spoil I know very, very little about. Even finally e-mailed her to see if she had gotten my 1st package and two weeks later she replied. Sent her another one and still haven't heard about that. Got one more to send but have not rushed to the post office to mail it yet.

Maybe we both will get a great one next time!

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