March 22, 2006

wood sculptures inspiring

Went to Cuerden park today and saw these sculptures. Aren't they wonderful? I was born and brought up 2 minutes from here nad only recently rediscovered Cuerden after 35 plus years away. When I was smaller we used to play in the grounds and watch scramblig with motorbikes there. Memories came flooding back while I was there. As a child I was in and out of hospital from the age of 2 so time at home and actually able to go outside were so precious. I relived them today while say by the beech nut. Where do the years go? And why do they go there so quickly? We are out for a meal tonight for my youngest grandsons 8th birthday. We've been to the same restaurant for his past 5 years birthday meals(he loves to keep to good experiences) Its a good chance to get together and enjoy the magic of birthday through a childs eyes. I'm still not finished the Cavendish throw from the Noro book and yet again I'm grumbling:)) The wrap/throw is shown several times in the book and looks a goodly size. When I check the finished measurements it says 32 and 1/2 inch by 42 I think. Book downstairs I'm up at 'puter so can't check. BUT that is no where near the size shown in picture. I've done that plus a little more and it does not look big enough to throw around me or my shoulders. I do wish people would make the pictures match the finished measurements. Thats 2 noro patterns now that have been shall we say enhanced??
I'm fancying making a go at the lady eleanor scarf in scarfwise. Never done entrelac before but hey I'm not scared:)


Claudia said...

Those wood carvings are gorgeous! I wish we had something like that around here!

What Noro book are you using? I love Noro and haven't found any books (yet). Of course, the quest is only beginning! LOL

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

they are good aren't they? I've got noro by cornelia tuttle hamilton which this throw is from also have jane ellison noro knits and noro revisited

KnitYoga said...

The wood carvings are awesome! Hope you enjoyed your meal out and your grandson had a lovely birthday. :-)

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