March 27, 2006

knit one, cry one, slip one drop one and meditative knitting

Thats how it feels today. Knit a little, cry some because I feel so helpless around my son. Slip a stitch or two then drop many stitches when this awful circular needle kinks up. Note to self look for cheap addi turbos so I can be rid of the spidery slippery old circulars. The mohair throw is coming on great guns knitting helps me block out upsets sometimes. I'm also trying a mohair(natch) throw in feather and fan thanks to Bevs instructions.
One thing I have found over past however many months I've been back knitting. It is excellent for meditation. A great way to quieten the mind if you focus on the stitches and can be relaxing. Just find a quiet spot, take up the needles and let the mind wander. After all in the old stories thats how the witches in medieval times worked on their spells. Well not knitting exactly but certainly tapestries and spinning. If it worked for them think it will work for me? Going shopping this morning Spring is certainly here. All the trees are in blossom and the hedgerows are breaking out with green. The Goddess wears her springtime gown.
The 2 photos are from Castle Howe, the last official sighting of fairies was here according to the Janet and Colin Bord book. A magical place full of mystery and beauty. The first pic looked just like a mischievous bear with a bare back half:)) and don't you think the 2nd picture looks like a goddess figure holding her arms out?

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