March 31, 2006

My final SP7 arrived:))

I received a wonderful parcel today from Germany. My final SP7 gift. My spoiler revealed herself as Petra and sent the most wonderful things. THank you Petra please email me privately with your address I have a gift for you also:)
In the parcel were some wonderful soap roses, so delicate and I don't know if I want to use them they are so pretty. A cotton bag ideal for the knitting to travel with me. The name on it is a famous Deli in Munich. Then a pencil case or tool case complete with needles scissors and tape measure. A sheep adorns this and the words have a jolly time on the back. I'm always losing the needles and scissors so this will be ideal to keep everything together Petra an absolutely perfect gift:))
There is more in the box:) Next we have a sheep mug for my coffee or hot choc, a large mug so I can have a mog size cuppa:)) This came with Have a nice day on the back not sure if it shows properly in the photo. Inside the mug a cute sheep cuddly isn't he gorgeous?? He is now ensconsed on the strap of the knitting bag. A rainbow card where Petra reveals herself and explains what the yarns are. Yes there are 2 large skeins of yarn both handpainted. First is a blue that Petra says is popular in Germany for scarves I however have a bag in mind for this one and DH has helped me wind it into balls ready to start. The other yarn is in "MY" colours ambers and is opal sock yarn. I am very very tempted to try socks again or maybe a shawl what do you think? Will go beautifully with the red hair. Petra your gifts through this round of SP have been delightful. I loved that you made me things to wear and the thought put into them makes them extra special. As for this final round I'm overwhelmed with your generosity. I'm so pleased I joined the SP7 and I do hope you received as much fun from it as I have. Watch your mail for something I made for you.
Its been good getting to know you thank you

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Petra said...

Well, you are very welcome. Glad you liked the presents :-)

Best wishes

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