March 17, 2006

Sad day, goodbye dear friends

today my 2 cats were rehomed. Sadly my health problems/allergies from them have become worse, much worse so they had to go to a new home. They have gone to a farm not too far away where they will hopefully have a much better life. They didn't go out here as I have already lost 2 cats on the roads, I didn't want this to happen with these two so they were inside cats. Where they have gone they will introduce them slowly to the farm and stables so they can get used to it. Its been a very tearful sad sad day for DH and I. I feel bereft, lost and so so sad. May their new life be enjoyable and long.
Seems trite to talk about knitting but best keep a little on topic. On the needles Cavendish throw in noro kureyon.


Holly @Home said...

We really feel for you ...we had a cat who never came home two years ago ..Mum can't face all that longing again .We had another who was really lovely he left and moved in with the family down the road ..when Mum is depressed and feeling low she talks a lot about her best friend as a child "Treacle" an amazing cat.At least they will be able to roam but cats are lovely.Mum talks to all the locals ...I hope you can at least do that it does help a bit.Holly and Angie.

Amber's Pal said...

Oh Amber,

I am so sorry for you and I know and feel your pain. When DH got relocated a few years back, I had to leave my cat behind (a cat that I had prior to getting to know DH!!) because I didn't want the stress of an overseas move for the cat.
Anyway health problems are of course a serios problem and apparently you found a nice home for the both.

Best wishes
your Pal

Digitalgran said...

Hi Amber, I'm sorry you had to part with your cats as I know from your blog how fond of them you were. You know they will be well looked after and hopefully your health will be much better.

Unknown said...

No words can be enough....I can imagine the feelings you are going through...when I left my cats and mice in England it was the hardest thing...I had to just put it out of my mind..but even now I have times when I feel really guilty and bad. They do miss us I am sure...but you did what you had to...they will know you love them still..gee I have beeen crying on and off all day and I am off again now..
big hugs dear Amber xxxx Bobby

Anonymous said...

Amber I feel for you and I know what you going through. But believe me it will get easier and hurt less. And I feel you have also given your Cats something. We used to have an Indoor cat as much as I felt he was safe and would not get hurt and it made me feel good to know he was safe..he missed out on so much that any Cat should have. You did the right thing. I am sending you many hugs xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber, sorry to hear they did have to go, but your health is important and it sounds as if you found a wonderful home for them, and with Spring just around the corner they will have a wonderful time on the farm. XX Beverley

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