March 04, 2006


Anonymous said...

Love 'em. Wish I was more of a Hat person..maybe next winter

dreamcatcher said...

Fab hats, the yarn is gorgeous too. I'm not surprised they have currently run out of merino worsted!

Hope you get the computer fixed, it's so frustrating if something goes wrong with them.

sal the spider said...

Ace hats!!
Sorry I've had my hair cut now and have no ponytail to hang out the top!!
Sal x

Amber's Pal said...

The hats look really good. I love them.
Sorry you havn't heard from me but I was so sick with a nasty cold that I was just laying in bed. I havn't had that kind of symptoms in years!

Best wishes
Your Pal

craftymodster said...

Great hats (all of 'em)! You have a stupendous sense of color, I can tell, just by looking at all your lovely knitting, Ms. Amber. ;~)

Woolly Wormhead said...

Yey! Am gonna create a link so as they appear at the end of the pattern post.

Btw... y'know when you're typing a post in blogger and you see that little green alien face in the menu bar, well he's the link button. Highlight any text you want to link, click the green alien and then copy/paste or type in the link.

That way then anyone of thing you refer to will be linked up.

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