March 08, 2006

Yeah, back online

Thanks to Anne in Hants I'm back online and back emailing. She very kindly helped me to rectify the computer problems and what a relief. Here was me worrying that I may have been picking stuff up online and to top it all couldn't use outlook express. Some wonderful knitters out there I salute you all. I received my project spectrum postcard today from Anjo, photo to follow. Fabulous use of colour thanks Anjo:) Mine went out Monday and with all the puter probs I forgot to take a pic of it, hopefully Anjo will upload a snap. For my red/pink month I'm going to make a hat, maybe also a bag see how I go. Health is a little flaky. Went to docs yesterday and have to go and have mole removed 2 weeks time as its giving trouble. From no mole to one thats nasty in 4 weeks, fast or what? Doc did say that I've also got an allergy and twould seem it may be the mogs. They are moulting at the minute and the hairs may be doing the rash, asthma etc. He gave me some pills to take away the itchyness but the list of side effects are long and some nasty. I'm currently trying stuff out of my aromatherapy manuals and nans old recipe books instead. Will let you know how it goes. Off to surf now and send emails:) I've lost my address book so if I haven't replied or if I'm sending you something please remind me

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