March 02, 2006

computer worries, woe is me:(

Despite Norton internet security I appear to have picked up something nasty on my computer. I can't use outlook express and can only see limited emails via virgin website. I've had 2 days of hell with the flaming computer and this afternoon was all set to throw it through the window. Til DH mentioned that double glazing precluded my doing so. I am not at all technically minded I'm sorry to say and anything beyond blogging and emailing is pretty much a hard task for me. When things go pear shaped it throws me and upsets me which is totally stupid. That the mog could be thrown by technics, goddess forbid. I'm hoping someone will be able to assist tomorrow and we will see if that is the end of it. I never NEVER download attachments or unknown emails. 2 from names I didn't know where in my mail box last night both with attachments, virgin reckon thats what has maybe done me even though I didn't open them,. Things are better on the knitting front though. I've almost finished my 3rd hat from Ruth (Woolly wormheads) pattern and changed 2nd and 3rd somewhat to add to the fun. Once I'm online properly will upload pics., I'm also up to heel on 2 socks so we will see how that adventure goes.


Holly @Home said...

Wish we could help Amber but we are hopeless ..Mum had a huge scare when she clicked on a blog Saturday that had been hi-jacked by Christian Fundies is a big problem with Google so they say .Maybe because they gave access to China..who knows ? I read your post so now I know what Chakra colours are ! Colinette's "jamboree" has most in one yarn I think ? Holly

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the virus woes. You might want to consider using an e-mail account that doesn't download your e-mails to your pc. I use yahoo, it is also free. It scans and stops nasties - never got a one yet after many, many years using yahoo.

I think there are others, but can't remember what thay are called.

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