November 15, 2006

Yes another post , finished hats and a warm stove

I didn't want to do this at the same time as my care package because that needed concentrating on and savouring all by itself:) Aren't I a lucky moggie? My beautiful SP9 package yesterday and my care package today. Can you hear the purrs??
I should tell you that I have another cause to purr and here in is the proof a fully operational absolutely warm woodburing(or multi fuel) stove:)) Yes my craft room is now warm and note the top of the stove I can have a kettle or stew bubbling away as I create. So if any of you pals come and stop over we can knit in comfort:)) Our landlord brought the pipe this morning and the asbestos rope, we told him we didn't want to wait for longer legs as that is going to take many more weeks to ship them from China. As you can see mr mog improvised perfectly with 2 half flagstones either side. In fact clever mr mog fitted it and as we speak I'm ensconced in front of it with no shawl, no jumper and I am toasty:))
The other 2 pics are 2 felted hats drying that I made last night while Mr Mog was at wood carving class. Both from Colinette 1zero and looking ok I think? I do desperately need a head stand to block on though. I'm off to see what ebay has or if anyone has suggestions for where to pick one up cheaply? I don't want polystyrene too fragile for pulling hats over I think.
So a big happy meow from this moggie:))


Anonymous said...

Amber, I am just so happy, doing a happy dance over here, for you! Blessed warmth, and I love it, tell Mr. Mog he did great, it does look so very cozy, now for that kettle for...tea...and then a pot of soup to simmer, sounds heavenly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, how could I forget the hats? They're beautiful! love the colours.

Claudia said...

Wow, those hats are SO pretty! And I can feel the heat of the fire from here! This is actually one of the few nights lately that we don't have a fire in our fireplace, but we just had a half cord of firewood delivered, so we'd best get the fireplace busy! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love those hats...I've used a plate to shape a beret but I think anthing that hits your head would do as in saucepans etc.

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