November 15, 2006

Care package extraordinaire:)

I signed up to Ms Knitingales care package swap a few weeks ago. I was duly assigned a partner and have sent off my goodies to her:) Today my parcel came for me and I was very fortunate to have Ms K for my partner:)) When you see the package that came I'm sure you will agree that I am extremely fortunate and a very very happy moggie(VBG)
Firstly see the picture at the back? That was the box the goodies arrived in. Definately a keeper don't you agree?
Then we have a zen cat calendar and card, 5 balls of moggie coloured mohair and a shawl pattern that will utilize said yarn:)
a lovely charm and 2 bars of scented soap which unfortunately MR Mog has cut off the pic of one. There is of course as I'm sure you've all noticed exceedingly large amounts of chocolate both in drink form and eating form. Guess what the moggie will be partaking of as she starts her shawl???
Oh and I nearly forgot as we now cats adore bells and playthings don't they? Well if you look on the pattern you will see atop it a bauble andsaid bauble jingles and will make an ideal door hanger. I do love bells and chimes on the inside of doors then you can hear when you have visitors arrive.
Ms K Thank you so much you spoilt me rotten and I hope you in turn get the same kindness from your sender
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that Ms. K is truly a beauty...the gifties are great, have the best of times!

Dudleyspinner said...

chocolate is my weakness. We tried an assortment of treats from Ireland. The chocolate is different, but good.
nice package.

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