November 21, 2006

pictures, Magpye plus others

Well the muse is back with a vengeance:) First picture is my part made Margaret Pye(Magpie) inspired totally by Charles de Lints book Someplace to be flying. She needs her boots painting once they dry and she needs a vest and jangley bracelets. But I like how she looks I love her top, very magpieish don't you think?
Then the muse wouldn't let me finish, she was here and determined to stay So we have secondly a hand dyed felt figure who had to have a face of clay. Her choice not mine as I am not very good at faces. However she likes it so thats all that matters:)) Like her funky boots? Final figure has more of abird or beaky face but it hasn't come out clearly with the camera. Probably as she hasn't been painted yet. She is wearing dashing chenille leggings as is her friend. Her clothes?? are also hand done felt.
Hope you like


Anonymous said...

I just love your little Bitties.
The magazine finally got here, thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Amber, when I click on your blog I'm not getting the sidebar action, but when I click on to make a comment it appears.....Hope you're staying nice and warm....thinking of you.

Marianne said...

Aahhhh, all better now.

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