November 05, 2006

looking for Mountain Colors yarn to trade or purchase

Subject says it all:) The mohair shawl in my previous post was with some what I thought was hand dyed mohair. I now stand corrected(VBG) it was hand painted and it is the alpine colourway from Mountain colors yarn. I traded with someone ages ago for it and just now on my second ball found the label tucked inside. I am hooked on this yarn it is one of the best mohairs I've EVER used and even better than Colinette for me. Now you all know how much I adore Colinette yarns right?? This is nicer, feels gorgeous knitting it and will feel even better when worn I am sure. So I am after more. I've checked the website and they are wholesale only and no suppliers in UK at all that I can see.
I would there fore like to purchase or trade for some if anyone has any going spare? I can trade Colinette yarns, hand made elemental figures or??
The colours I specially love in the mohair are
Crazy woman,
mountain twilight
moose creek
redtail hawk
Get the idea I love this yarn??
So if you have any of these shades in mohair or have access to them I'm open to trades or purchasing if not too expensive? I can't see a price list at all

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Anonymous said...

Amber, I ran a google for this, you might try or will none of the online yarn shops post packages to you?
Looks to be around 24.00 US dollars per 100mg skein, I've not any in my stash, I can check at LYS sometime this week, I really don't know if they carry it or not.
ps haven't gotten the Yarn Forward yet, I'm guessing the post just takes awhile.

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