November 20, 2006

A new Margaret Pie

I've started a new Margaret Pie (aka magpie) as per my take on her from the Charles de lint book Some place to be flying. Charles writes the most wonderful books on urban fantasy and I have them all:) I'm lucky enough to be on his Christmas list so each year I get a chapbook signed by him. If you haven't read any of his urban fantasy and you like that kind of reading do check him out His work has always inspired me to create , but I digress. I made my idea of Magpie several years ago now after first reading SPTBF. She was right for then but this is now. I've been having visions of her for sometime and she is clothed in a shawl of magpie colours with sequins. I think my SPs gift of beads fired me up more as some of them are ideal for a magpie don't you think? So she has her skeleton, she has some clothing and now I start the shawl. Progress pictures when it feels right. Magpie is one of my totems and its been a little while since I made a figure. I think the last one was gifted to my SP8. I find that after a month or so I have an urge, nay a NEED to create elemental figures. I'd thought that the knitting had taken away this need but apparently not.
Off to my pie shawl

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