November 26, 2006

WIP and finished items

A few pictures of stuff today. I've finished my doll Margaret Pye (Magpie) I'm pleased with how she turned out and its really got me back into dollmaking with a vengeance:) First picture is back view of her long waistocoat(vest), second one she has taken off the waistcoat and you see her funky sweater. Third shot the front view. You will notice Margaret's funky boots and leather look trousers. She is quite a character. For anyone interested in urban fantasy I'd highly recommend any of Charles de Lint's books but especially Someplace to be flying.
I really love her outfit with the dangly threads, you can imagine her picking them up on her travels. After all magpies adore sparkly bits and pieces:)
I've also some other pictures to upload and I'll do them in a separate posting as blogger isn't too keen on multiple pictures


Anonymous said...

She is fantastic. Your best yet.

tocspaw said...

She's incredible - I love her boots!

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