November 26, 2006

Sideways cardigan and a mask

Here we have another view of the sideways cardigan. I've now done both armholes and they are correct:) Not sure on sleeves yet as this yarn is getting a little short sadly. Unless I do 2 different colour sleeves? That would be funky for sure. The other picture is a mask I've done, to represent the winter solstice eve. The longest night before the shortest day. I've freeform knitted some pieces in black. Then done the start of a crochet curly whirly in autumn shades to represent the end of the season. Added the shell for emotions(the sea). No eyes as such because the dark half of the year is a time for inward focus. It is always the darkest time emotionally for me and this is my view if you will of the dark half of the year. It does need somewhere on it a touch of gold or fire for the new light half of the year.However I don't have the right piece yet.
It does have knitting in it but also some of my other craft skills. The mask measures approx 9 inches long by approx 5 inch wide


Anonymous said...

Hi Amber!! Stopping by to say hello! I love the mask- very nice! How big is it? I was trying to judge the size by the shell, but gave up :) Hope you are well and warm!


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I'm very much into sideways knitted projects at the moment - did you have a pattern for your cardigan or did you just work it out as you went along?

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Hi Jo, I saw one in a Colinette book but pretty much worked out length/size as I went along because I didn't know what tension the yarns together would knit to

Erica said...

I must say your sideways cardigan looks like it will be cozy and warm! Thank your for posting the photo of your mask --It is lovely. Also, thank you for commenting on my blog, Jo does have a way with fiber doesn't she? The Samhain shawl is still unfinished with the holiday knittings and such but I am looking foward to sporting it next year :)

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