November 04, 2006

Finished objects, yarn p0rn and more:)

A selection of viewing goodies today and in no particular order because I've used Hello to upload them. Blogger does not like uploading pictures for some reason.
Any roads here I am again back from the wilds of Lancashire and only one more week to go:)
We didn't go down til Wednesday so we could spend Samhain in our own home. Great night with a fire outside and lots of good friends to share with. The tale BTW I was and am honoured that I had this experience and wasn't making light of it in any way I just thought it was ideal to share a little of the event with you on Samhain.
So the week was very exhausting and although we came home at almost midnight Thursday evening , last night especially I felt so tired and cold that I was in bed by 8-30pm. The pump that was just fitted isn't pushing enough heat around the house so all the pipes were cool, the fire was throwing very little heat out also. The mog loves the warmth and the cold makes me snarky and miserable. Pool Mr Mog caught the brunt of it sadly. I've made it up to him today though with lots of apologies and cuddles.
While away I started a simple mohair shawl in some hand dyed blues I've got. My Nannie Effie, who was my dad's mum, used to make this pattern when she just wanted something to while away the early evenings. Its a garter stitch border and YO then stocking stitch so simple but her shawls using this were lovely. She hand spun and hand dyed her yarns and I loved to see the finished objects. She called the shawls her courtesan clothes because I blush to disclose that my dear Effie was what she called a strumpet:)) Her shawls had a life of their own when Effie twirled them:) Even til the day she died in her late 70s she flirted with any male who came within her view. She had a great stock of bawdy songs and when she had a drink or two would entertain all who listened with" Roll me over in the clover "and others far more saucy. She had cancer twice in her life first time in her early 20s. Apparently she kept all the ward in stitches with her antics both times. She came through with a great outlook on life. Enjoy each day as much as you can and as long as it harmed no one in doing so, something I try to do. As witches say "An it harm none, do as you will". A great loss when she left us.
But I digress. The shawl you see before you and also a finished bag in Noro Silk garden(think I captioned it wrongly as silk mountain), this is to keep my crochet in.
Then we have a selection of blue mohair yarns I purchased on ebay to make a throw or shawl with. Sadly the seller omitted to mention that someone smoked so I will have to freeze these before use to get rid of the smell.. The last yarn is some I purchased and blush to say isn't me now I have it within my grasp. Its artyarns so if anyone wants to trade???
Last picture is our pumpkin, I meant to upload this Samhain but forgot. Mr Mog loves giving the pumpkin people glass eyes:)) as you can see. Well I'm off to read my favourite blogs and adopy an animal for my grandson on his favourite wildlife park. He was 10 yesterday and this was one of the things he so much wanted.


Anonymous said...

With my pointy sticks raised..."Here's to Effie, long may she live!" She does indeed sound quite the good character.
Those yarns for your next shawl...Midwinter shawl, perhaps? I think they're lovely.
I do enjoy a handsomely carved pumpkin! Sending warming energy your way, getting that heating pump to working as it should, to keep you warm and snug.
BTW, I loved your story, didn't think you were making light of it in any way...

Anonymous said...

Effie sounds wonderful..good job it wasn't Silk Mountain after all as it has half the yardage of Silk Garden .Here's power to women long may they express thenselves.

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