November 13, 2006

My first SP9 gift arrived:))

My first parcel in this round of SP9 arrived today:) Such gorgeous colours and smells as I opened the box. Everything wrapped in 2 of the mog's favourite colours which added to the experience.
My SP sent me a lovely tree card and we all know how much I love trees don't we? Also a postcard of her home area which was really interesting. I am getting to know her quite well even though I don't know who she is yet.
Then we have a glorious soap with celtic knotwork:)
Follow that with sweet smelling candle pack in apple maple.
Now add to the mix some beads in shades of blue that my SP sent for my dollmaking. Can't you see these on a moon goddess doll?
Finally and fabulously Lorna's laces in MY colours:))
Thank you SP, I love everything you sent me and I'll have such fun playing


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and lovely gifts! Yes, a Moon Goddess doll sounds to be in order.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so happy your package arrived safely and you're happy with it :) That yarn just called out your name when I walked by it in my favorite yarn shop. I thought the colors were gorgeous. Hope you're doing well and staying warm!


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