February 16, 2006

stash enhancement and circular needles? No probs

firstly circular needles, worried me? No way:) Here you see a little sampler started on circs this morning. I woke with the need to try them and metaphorically closed my eyes and began. I do have one question though? These are 40cm, sock or tube or whatever isn't quite that diameter and I struggle to pull them around to work. How do you do it if needle is bigger than your work? Anyone?? The socks, well thats another matter, call me proud, call me vain, call me big headed even. I'm almost ready to start the next bit, the heel is it?? Its looking wonderful and whether there will be second sock in this who knows. I do know for sure I'll be making more as its fun, I don't know what worried me but hey I'm high on achievement:)) This may be framed on the wall with a plaque saying first sock for the mog. I do know that sock ply is a little thin for the mogs paws to feel properly so may have to go up or is it down a ply.
Secondly stash enhancement, Colinette mohair from Ebay and isn't it gorgeous? I know, I know I twined about colinette and having had enough of fancy wools but mohair doesn't count, mohair is akin to cat fur, mohair is queen, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE mohair. (Think maybe I like mohair?) And for some reason I love to knit and crochet with mohair it never feels thin to touch. Also my paws can find it to work with.


Gill said...

Amber, when you are knitting a narrow tube like a sock or something, you use two circs. together. I'll look out a link to instructions and email it to you.

BabyLongLegs said...

Hiya Amber....!!!!
Try this page..its a great explanation of how to knit on two circs :)

Hope this helps ;)
Sarah xXx

Minnieknits said...

Yummy mohair - I have no idea about the circ though - I'm a dpn girl myself!

Anonymous said...

Like Big bird I am dpn girl so can't help you with the circs. But ohhhhh that Mohair..how yummy scrumbtious does that look!!!!!!!!!????????????

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