February 26, 2006

pics of stitch markers and pain pain go away

picture of loki a little grainy but he moves fast. Three pics of the stitch markers to give you an idea what I've come up with, one set with hands, 1 set of agate 2 sets of amethyst. Final picture is the Noro bag finished but minus the knitted flower. It didn't look quite me. I'm going to felt this along with the other one I made earlier(shades of Blue Peter there) Just need to pluck up the courage to actually shrink it, shock horror!! I'm thinking of edging the top with some amethyst chips when I've finished hopefully it will look ok. Really yuck day today, pain is almost too much to bear. I'm trying to do without pain killers for a few days if I can. I've been taking the maximum for a while now and to be honest I think they have lost their effect. It seems to be a shorter period of pain free existence in between doses and I also think they aren't good for me all the time. I am determined to try a spell without if I can manage it. I'm going to have DH do more aromatherapy massage and see if that can help. And hey I believe in alternative methods so I'm also going to try more positive thinking and chakra work during my meditations. Goddess willing I'll keep away from the pills then when I do have to go back on them they will hopefully work again. Trouble is that I've had so many different kinds of pain relief and most of them affect my stomach. Thats the aftermath of having this da%%%d illness for over 50 years. It takes it toll. A while ago I did a journal page for a swap I was in and used the subject of pain. I did the background in shades of bruising and anger, dark blues purples red and some yellow. Will find it and continue post

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