February 27, 2006

Olympics, do I get a silver for effort?

first photo a sock on 4 DPns . Second pic a hat on 5 DPns from a pattern of Ruths (Woolly Wormhead). Yarn for hat from handpaintedyarn.com, yarn for sock Lornas Laces. Do I deserve silver? I didn't finish an item but my aim was to learn to use both 4 and 5 DPNs and I have:) I prefer 5 the hat is knitting up speedily and easily. I'm so pleased with how its going on more than 2 needles especially after all the moaning I did.
On the pain front only 2 pills today and pain is just about manageable. Starbucks White chocolate mocha helped a lot at the time when I'd have been taking next pill. Trouble is can't do that every day can I?


Anonymous said...

Well done, Amber - I'd give you a gold! I've mastered the dpns as my Olympic challenge too - easy once you get going isnt it! Have just got to cast off the rib and I'm done, Nita

Holly @Home said...

Well done ..and thank-you so much for the link to "Grumpy-shopkeeper" ..it is wonderful .Holly

Mary Anne said...

Congratulations Amber!
You deserve gold for learning this. Beautiful colourways too.
I hope your pain diminishes quickly.

Woolly Wormhead said...

Learning DPN's is worth it, so well done! Will definitely have to see some hat photos, for sure! Take care, the pain is there to remind you, not torment you xx

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