February 26, 2006

Pain page

Journal page on pain
Day after day I live with my PAIN
I work with my PAIN
I use it, I abuse it, sometimes I even confuse it.
I make it cower - as it does me.
I dey it, mystify it,
Its only PAIN
Its only PAIN.
It only has power if you let it have.
PUSH it AWAY to the back of your mind,
a little compartment all its own.
Label it PAIN headquarters
Ma\ke it feel important but confused.
It grows in stature by feeding on the negativity it creates.
LOCK it in its own padded cell.
Occasionally give it an airing,
Call it PAIN day.
Celebrate the awful intensity then lock it away until the next time.
(c) amber moggie - not that you'd want to lay claim to it, if you did you'd have to take the pain as well:))
Phew, rewriting that reminded me that I can overcome it, even if in bite sized chunks of time. Goodbye pain, you've had your day

1 comment:

Sue Krekorian said...

Wow, this is such a powerful poem. I'm so sorry you have to experience such pain but I do so admire your writing about it.

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