February 12, 2006

Socks don't frighten me

I am not a craedy cat, socks don't frighten me. They may mystify me, confuse me, annoy me but frighten? No way. I'm on to the knit now, have done around 3 inches I'd guess. Very slow cause its fine yarn but I'm getting there, battery is flat on phone due to wedding pics yesterday so when its charged I'll put a pic up so you can see progress. I do have a couple of queries? Why does the right side of the knitting go on the inside of the sock? Is it something I've done wrong? Also do you ever really get used to 4 needles? I am confused BTW how you knit socks on circulars. If you join the stitches on 1st row, how can you use the same needle to knit with? I know I should just cast on and try but enquiring minds need to know.
Its been an exhausting few days in the run up to the wedding. Friday we took the cake to the hotel. 2 and 1/2 hour journey there, lots of diversions and roadworks but we made it. Then coming home 6 hours????? got lost leaving hotel ended up going through cannock birmingham to name a few and you don't want to go through Birmingham by accident. Then on to M6 a few miles and gridlock just after a junction. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Put radio on and apparently gas wagon had accident and both sides of motorway closed at next junction til one after. Thats really helpful when you have a mile to the junction and no one moving much. We finally got there and of course many others thought they would try same so all roads blocked. I hadn't had any food, no water in car, lots of pain you know the story. We stopped at beefeater for essential rehydration and food. Water was yuck, but it got the pills down so that was main thing. Had burger and chips, fairly good then back on to the road to hell. Through Stafford this time then back on motorway at a junction into stop start. We finally got home 6.30 after what should have been pleasant drive there and back. Oh the best laid plans of man and cat. Yesterday same journey for wedding, under 2 and 1/2 hours we were there. Wedding lovely, bride gorgeous but aren't they all? Beautiful old church very atmospheric and cool. Back to the hotel for champagne reception(hey cats quite like a sip of champagne you know). Wonderful spread, lots of catching up with family some of who we hadn't seen since last wedding 5 years ago. Cake looked stunning, DH stopped getting grey hairs with worry. Bride and groom thrilled to bits with how it looked. Told other nephew, he gets toaster when he gets married. No more cakes for us. Well for DH. I'm just the supervisor and general bossy boots:). Home around 9pm, didn't stay for evening disco as I was so exhausted and in pain. Did a couple of rows on the socks while watching the St Trinians train robbery film I recorded in afternoon. Mindless fun very enjoyable. Today, exhaustion, relief cake is done, socks looking at me asking when I'm coming back to the fray. Also on needles, or needle the cream crochet throw for my craft room. Its around 4 foot square now and looking good. Photos later on this also. Had my hair cut really short Thursday , a bob with long sides, short back(instead of the proverbial short back 'n' sides) Lots of nice comments at wedding so must look ok. It took peoples attention away from the red nose, dry skin from the antibiotics and chest infection so that was main thing.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

should read scaredy cat of course:) fingers not good with keys today and that got away

dreamcatcher said...

Re the sock fabric apparently being inside out - that happens easily when knitting in the round, you should be able to turn it the right way out I think. Happened to me the first time I used circular needles for a scarf. If your working needles are held wit the points close to your body, the fabric should be the right way out. That is not a good explanation - maybe the videos on knittinghelp.com would be more help (they helped me!).

Glad your enjoyed the wedding despite the British transport network conspiring against you :-)

sal the spider said...

Hi, I've just discovered knitting blogs and now I'm popping up everywhere (like the proverbial bad penny?!) When I first knit socks on four needles I could only get it inside out but one day I turned it the other way and then lived though the new awkwardness again and now it's just second nature. Having nearly ground my teeth down to the gums for a while I can say, hand on heart, I love my dpn's and it is familiar and easy. Not sure about the circs question; do you mean on one circ or two, a la Cat Bordhi? I dunno the two needle version but on one you just keep going - round and round no end no beginning, but you really need short circs and I don't like the feel of them so I don't tend to bother. HTH Sal

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Moggie :) Yeah Socks are nothing to be afraid of..ones you gotten them beat into submission with a wet kipper...lol
Glad the wedding went well.

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