February 03, 2006

For what we are about to receive

I have ordered some sock yarn from Web of wool? a kit with needles and pattern. Waiting for it to arrive so I can play, hence the title of the piece. All my stuff now on ebay or sold, room getting emptier by the minute and easier to navigate. Reckon by Tuesday should all be finished on ebay and hopefully on their way to new owners. Have my colours ready to paint room and my son standing by to do the job. Gone for moonshadow, a soft lavender and a darker lavender I once had mixed and don't know name. So I'm obviously hoping there wil be enough for the job. May get into week after to finish as this week we have 3 wedding cakes to ice and put together one of which still needs cooking as its to be a sponge for top tier, we being the royal we of course as DH does that I just supervise and pass stuff:)) Then we have to take cake to Lichfield Thursday, then through to Burton and Lichfield Saturday for the wedding. Doesn't leave much time for room revamp but we will see. On the circular needles still the mohair scarf slow work, and on crochet hook the large cream throw for the art room. finishing now as I can barely type today

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