February 20, 2006

Oh woe is me, sock nightmare, plus converted grandson

Socks, don't talk to me about socks. I started with Lorna's laces last night thinking thicker yarn, thicker needles equals easier right? Not right, in fact nightmare. I frogged these over a dozen times and was so frustrated. I did maybe 4 rounds max and ladders everywhere, I just could not knit in any fashion. Plus the stitches seem to come off the needles so quickly, the bamboo ones I'm using for the other sock don't do this.
Is it just me? Am I destined never to knit socks? I'm going to try and get to a local SnB to see if someone can show me how to hold the needles and more importantly how to knit the d*** things. I've looked at the sites on line but I feel I need to see someone doing it in front of me to get the gist.
On a positive note 7 year old grandson. You remember I got him the knitting set for Christmas? Well today as its half term we had both grandsons over at the house. M brought his knitting set. I gave him the option of which he wanted to learn first. The knitting nancy, the crochet, the flower loom or the knitting needles. He went for the nancy. The needle with it was very soft plastic which didn't help as it was too pliable. However once we found a blunt darner he was off. First 2 hours 18 inch of knitting. He is so proud of it and took it home to continue, have just had a phone call from him and its far longer than him now:) Isn't it wonderful when a child enthuses over a new skill? When his mum came to pick him up he was full of the excitement of the work done. my daughter just said thank you as she left she was so happy he had a new interest. He is a very active child and always on the go, things soon bore him so you are constantly trying to keep him occupied on some days. This did the trick.
After he went I cast on for a bag in Noro Iro from the Noro Knits book. It doesn't seem to be a problem, unlike the socks:))


sal the spider said...

Don't suppose your North West UK is anywhere near my NW UK? I'm 1/2 way between Chester and Whitchurch and would be happy to help out if I could:-) I remember swearing that I'd NEVER be a sock knitter and now I always have at least one pair on the go

rachel said...

And I'm in Manchester and reliant on public transport but will help/meet up if I can!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I am near Preston, blackpool
but thanks for the offers of help. I tried again today and got totally cheesed off with trying to hold the darn pins

Amber's Pal said...

Amber, Well you know I learned knitting from my grandma when I was 5 yrs old. I know a lot of kids who even don't know what I am doing when I sit there kntting. So having your grandson "infected" with the knitting virus is a good thing, I guess!

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